Lives changed forever!

Sophie is Niall's daughter (No-one knows about niall having a daughter and a wife) and they live an happy life until a girl called Gemma Ruins everything and their lives change forever!

This is my first fanfiction hope you like it, feel free to leave tips in the comments.


3. Ireland!

3 Hours it took to get to Ireland and we went on a private plane,it wasn't just me, mum and dad on the plane, Liam, Harry, louis and Zayn was on the plane as well, they had heard about what had happened and came to help us. They sang the whole way and just messed about like kids.


We got to our new home the boys came aswell, louis took me to my new room, he said he would help me paint it with me and dad. I started to cry i didn't want to live here i wanted to go home. Louis came and sat next to me, hugged me then i heard dad shout me i look at louis then wiped my tears away and said please don't tell anyone, he smiled then came downstairs with me, harry asked me what i thought of the new house, i looked at the floor and said great i didn't want to upset anyone. Then i went into the garden, everything had changed no-one knew about me and now everyone knows i can not go anywhere without people coming up to me. I looked though the window the boys had gone it was just mum and dad, dad hugged mum. 


All that week i cried my self to sleep but Friday dad heard me, he came in my room hugged me and told me everything was going to be ok but the thing is i knew it wasn't. He told me to go to sleep, it was late the last thing a remembered was him singing to me so i could sleep.

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