Lives changed forever!

Sophie is Niall's daughter (No-one knows about niall having a daughter and a wife) and they live an happy life until a girl called Gemma Ruins everything and their lives change forever!

This is my first fanfiction hope you like it, feel free to leave tips in the comments.


4. Home school

It was 9am and dad came into my room and told me that breakfast was ready,he smiled and said your going to start school,i looked at him what did he mean. He went downstairs, i got dressed i wore jeans and a top the said love on it then curled my hair. When i went downstairs Louis was there with dad. They was talking about our old home and what we was going to do then mum came over to me and said "your going to be doing home school for now, someone is coming over later to teach you", i smiled then said " will i always be home schooled", mum looked at me and just said she wasn't sure.

After i had my breakfast my dad came to me and said "i have to go to london with the boys for a few days" i smiled like it was ok but it wasn't what was me and mum supposed to do it was his fault we was here in the first place. Then dad went upstairs to pack a bag. I went up to my room and went on my ipad then dad came in and said with excitement "you no i'm going on tour soon, well i've sorted it out so you can come for a few weeks". I smiled that sounds really cool. I hugged him then went to the door with him and Louis until they drove away.  

It was about 10:30am when the person home schooling me came, she was a young women, with long black hair and  she was very tall. We sat down at the kitchen table. We did Maths,English and science and the she gave me booklets for them all as she said she would only come 3 times a month. but she gave me booklets to do once a week. But i wasn't sure what i would do when i am not doing school work, i wasn't sure if it was safe to go outside,would people no who i am. But i really needed to get some new clothes i could only grab a small bag of stuff to bring to Ireland

It was 4pm and i was face timing dad and all the boys, it sounded  like they was having alot of fun while me and mum were stuck in the house and we didn't even no what was in Ireland we have only been 2 times to vist dads family and we didn't do much. Later on that night dad text mum saying that we could come to london tomorrow, i couldn't wait.


sorry i've not posted in ages,

been really busy, i will try and

update as much as i can. 

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