I'm Dead.

Everyone says that Heaven is magical. They've never been there before though. I have. I died.


2. Chapter Two

Chapter 2.
"Halee Burgess!!!" I heard someone yell. My mom and I were waiting in line with all the other dead people to be judged on whether or not we go to go to Elysium Island. We had been waiting for what seemed like two weeks(it was actually just a week) before my mother was called. She was then sentenced to eternity on Elysium Island. She was one of the few allowed to go. To make it there, you had to be close to perfect. I watched my mother leave to go onto another boat. A boat I hoped I was going on as well.

"Kathryn Titshaw!!!" As soon as my name was called, I stood in front of a man with a hoodie on. You could completely see through him, and I couldn't even see his face. And he was holding a clipboard-like thing.
"Hmm... Kathryn... it says here that you're 17... you had a sibling that was stillborn..." He went on talking about all of my mistakes, the bad things I did, and the good. At the end, he put down the clipboard and picked up a tablet. Who knew there were tablets down here? Or is it up here? I honestly didn't know anymore. He looked straight into my eyes and seemed to be reading my soul before continuing.

"Ms. Kathryn, it seems that all of you good and bad even out. This means that you are not eligible for Elysium." My heart sank. I wouldn't be spending eternity with my mother. "However, this means that you can either become a Guardian Angel or go into Tartarus. You may decide."

I was shocked. How could anyone want to burn in Tartarus? I knew my answer before he told me to choose. "I would like to become a Guardian Angel."

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