I'm Dead.

Everyone says that Heaven is magical. They've never been there before though. I have. I died.


6. Chapter Six


"I'm better now mom, I promise. You can believe me this time. I'm done acting a fool," the teenage boy tried calming his mother. 

"And why- WHY should I believe you this time Rick? All you have ever done was lie to me!" his mother growled.

"Just trust me this one time, mom. I am a changed person. I swear to never pick up another razor blade again. I love myself now mom. I do, I really do," whispered the recovered youth.


"Great work Kat! I knew you had it in you!" exclaimed Zack.

I felt proud of myself. I had just completed the final step of internship. Saving lives may be a bit difficult, but it definitely pays off. "Thanks Zack. Now lets get this over with."

"Alight then, graduation here you come," enthused Zack. He flashed us to The Plaza.

I didn't know what to expect at graduation. All I knew of it was what Zack and Adam had told me. According to Zack, I would see it as a party. According to Adam, I wouldn't see it because I wasn't good enough. Either way, it is graduation, and everyone knows what celebration is: Chocolate. Masses and masses of chocolate. 

I was in my private quarters. Lying on the mattress was my final gown. The gown all guardian angels wore. It was a light pastel blue with real jewels adorned in a pattern. The knee length dress never got dirty. "Angel technology" they call it. You literally keep these clothes for the rest of your angel life. It's not like you couldn't take them off though. You can still take showers and lounge in sweatpants for all anyone cares. 

As soon as I slip on the gown, I feel the dizziness that only flash can give you. What a surprise! (notice the sarcasm.) I'm in the Towering Center. The place where graduation was held obviously, because of the amount of chocolate. Great. Now I'm hungry.

I see Zach about six meters away from me. I rush over to him. He had a large amount of chocolate in his hands. "Congratulations kid!" He reached to pat me on the back, but soon stopped, realizing what a mistake that would be. "Well, I am going to miss you kid," he finished.

I couldn't say anything. I should really stop getting so maudlin about things like this, I thought. I looked up at the old man who seemed not to age. His grayed blonde hair that never fell out of place now had a dash of chocolate in it. 

"Go get some chocolate. You are going to want it when you get on Earth, trust me kid. Enjoy yourself while you can," Zack offered. With that, he turned away and started conversing with the higher ranking angels.

On my way to the fountain of running goodness, I bumped face first into the one and only Adam. Hoping he wouldn't notice, I try to slip by him as quick as possible. With no hope.

"Watch where you're going. Keep acting like that you will be in Tartarus faster than a poor human life," sneered Adam.

"I'm sorry," I pleaded. Adam was a higher rank than me. There was no telling what would happen if I ever truly pissed him off.

"Move," he commanded, with dark eyes glowering at me.

Earth couldn't be as bad as him, I thought, making my way over to the table with the cakes.

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