I'm Dead.

Everyone says that Heaven is magical. They've never been there before though. I have. I died.


7. Chapter Seven

The days after graduation were quite boring. All I did was lounge around in my private quarters shoving as much chocolate into my face as possible, and, of course, watching over Brianna.

A week went by before I got my first case. A little white envelope came through the mail slot with my name written in gold cursive. When I opened it, I found out that my very first patron was going to be a 14-year-old little girl who has started doing drugs and wants to commit suicide in the near future.

When you get summoned, you have to immediately go. After reading the letter, I grabbed my tiny bag and I put some clothes in it and chocolate. The bag was magical, so it didn't matter how much I put in it. It would hold. I then left a note on my door saying I had been summoned. Closing the door, I hoped that I would be able to accomplish this task on my own.

After leaving, I walked past other private quarters and higher ranked guardians. I was surprised to even see some children running around. It wasn't long before I ended up in front of the pearly white gates that I had entered just a few short weeks ago. At that time, I honestly thought it was a gigantic ball of light.

I admired the beauty of it. The hands that had made this gate had passed on thousands of years ago. Those same hands are the ones that had put it together, nail by nail, hour by hour, year after year. This gate will stand for eternity.

With a last glance back, I walked forward, through the shining gate, and back into the human world for the first time since dying.


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