I'm Dead.

Everyone says that Heaven is magical. They've never been there before though. I have. I died.


1. Chapter One

Chapter One.

"Baby you a song, you make me wanna roll my window down, and cruise," I sang with my best friend, Brianna. My mom was driving us back to my house. We had just picked up her up for the weekend. We were still about 30 minutes from my house, so we were having fun singing with the radio. My mom was just smiling and shaking her head.

For one split second, she looked back at us, and that's when everything changed. Another car hit us straight on. All I heard was screaming and I felt warm liquid all over me. Then I blacked out.

When I awoke, I opened my eyes to see all my closest family members surrounding my bed. They were crying. I sat up. Couldn't they see that I was just fine? I felt numb. Nothing hurt; I had no scratches or bruises. I waved my hand in front of my dad's face.he acted as if he couldn't see me. Huh. I rested my hand on his shoulder; well, I at least tried. My hand went through him. Woah, that DID NOT just happen. I looked behind me to where I was just laying and to where everyone was looking at. I saw myself.  My heart monitor had a thin, straight line on it. As did my mothers. I watched as the doctor laid a white sheet over my body. I knew I had died.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was dead. My mom was dead. Wait!!! What about Brianna?!?! I turn around to another bed that was in the room. It had Brianna laying in it unconscious, but alive. Thank God.

I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and saw my mother standing there.
"Come on, Kathryn, it's time to move on. I looked one last time and my family. "I sure will miss them," I thought. I turned back around to my mother, smiled, and grabbed her hand. We then walked together into the light.

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