I'm Dead.

Everyone says that Heaven is magical. They've never been there before though. I have. I died.


5. Chapter Five

Chapter Five
 Brianna's POV
I'm still numb. After going back to school, I can't seem to get it out of my mind that Kat is gone. I keep thinking she will show up suddenly and tell me some boy troubles or what a teacher did that irked her, but it never happens. As I pass people in the hallways, I see the glares. Kat was somewhat popular. She was in concert band, was in color guard, danced, and was friends with everyone. I don't know why people blame me for her death, but they do. I wasn't the one driving. I wasn't the one that had a head-on collision. I'm a victim as much as Kat is, except I lived; she didn't.

As a roll down the second-floor hallway, I keep to myself. I don't look up. I don't talk to anyone. I just stay out of the way. I head into my math class and roll to the back of the class. No one sits with me. Who would? I'm just the girl in the wheelchair who "killed" everyone's friend. I get my things out and arrange them on my desk. Only two more years, I think.

As the tardy bell rings, our teacher, Ms. Smith, walks in. She does attendance then starts with our lesson for the day. Quadratic equations. I sigh and take notes, like a good student. I don't glance att the rest of my class. I already know what they think of me.

I've never been popular like Kat was. I was her shadow. Wherever we went, people would ignore me and talk to her. She tried to include me, but others wouldn't let me join. We were godsisters, but sometimes it felt like I was the biggest burden.

Of course, none of that matters now. She's gone. Part of me is dead. I should've been the one who died- not her. She didn't deserve it; I did. I hate myself...

Finally, the bell rings. I quickly pack my things and roll out of class. I get on the elevator and head down to the first floor where the office is. I can't do this any longer. I call my mom and ask her if I can check out. She emails out front desk lady. Once she receives it, I sign myself out and roll out the door. I don't head towards home. I just... go.  I was done.

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