I'm Dead.

Everyone says that Heaven is magical. They've never been there before though. I have. I died.


6. Chapter Five

Chapter Five
 Brianna's POV
I returned to school last week. I've been having to use the elevators to get from class to class. First class on first floor. Braves block/tutoring up the elevators to the second floor and out to the band room. Second block across the street in the CTAE building. Third block back down to the first floor. Lunch up the the third. Fourth block up to the second floor and outside to the CTAE building. I just go through the motions. I go to school.  Come home. Sleep. Go to school. Come home. Sleep. Every. Single. Day.

Its weird. Walking the halls thinking that your best friend is about to round the corner, and she never does. And that she never will again.
I stop going to school. I get up each morning acting like I'm going, but I never show up. I arrive at the school, but I run off. More like roll off. No one asks questions. No one calls home. Everyone is sympathetic of me. I hate it. They think I can't do anything for myself anymore. They think that I'm depressed. I'm not depressed. Am I?

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