Marine Life (Liam Payne fanfic)

(Liam fan fiction) KC Owens is a 21 year old, USA Marine. KC has always had the dream of becoming a marine and fighting for her own country. She knew that she wanted to join before she even graduated high school.

She was inspired by her dad and older brother Jacob who are in the military and have been for many years of their lives. She joined because she knew it would pay for her to go to college and because the military has been apart of the Owens family for generations.

KC is on a 2 year break from the army because of a tragic situation that occurred. KC decides to live her life to the fullest until she has to return to Afghanistan.

Follow KC through the ups and downs of the next two year and see if one person may change her along the process. Read to find out more!!


1. It Happened So Quickly Ch.1

-KC Pov-

 *Flash Back*

"Owens and Michaels search the outer perimeter!!", yelled General Stevens. "Yes sir", said my partner in I. We've been here for almost 6 months and I haven't seen my family in almost a year. Being in the military takes a lot of respect, responsibility, and some serious guts!

We are searching a village that was said to be reported for suspicious activities in the area. There is some serious shit going on around here......I can feel it in the pit of my gut.

"Garrett cover me", I said as I kicked a door down with the heel of my dusty, scratched boots. Garrett and I search the bottom floor while looking around every corner for anything strange.

Garrett wonders over to a slightly cracked door while I patrolled the bedrooms. Minutes after covering the bedrooms I hear a slight murmuring coming from the room next door. "Garrett have you found anything?", I whisper yell in the hall way to receive no answer. I position my AK-47 against my shoulder and slowly make my way toward the door Garrett was by a few minutes ago. I kick the door open while still having my gun position against my shoulder. I stand there with rage, anger, and fear rush through my body.

Garrett was being held around his neck by a tall, stalky man with a knife firmly against his skin. "DROP HIM",I yelled getting more angry by the second. "KC its going to be alright", Garrett reassured me. As the words flow out of his mouth the man slits his throat with the knife. "NOOOOOO!!!!", I tell as I shoot the man in the chest multiple times. Garrett and the man both drop to the ground like a sack of potatoes. I drop my gun and wrap my hands around Garrett's face trying to keep him awake. I call for back up and try to carry Garrett toward the entrance of the building with every piece of strength I got. " HELP MAN DOWN.....MAN DOWN!!!", I scream at the top of my lungs.

Me trying to control the blood gushing out of his neck, he quietly says, "Don't blame yourself." Those were the last words that I ever heard come out of my partners mouth. I have lost a team mate, a partner, a most importantly a friend.

*End Of Flash Back*

I awaken quickly to find my self sitting on the airplane that would take me back home in London. I breathe in heavily as I recall the nightmare I have just seen, but the only problem was that it was all real.

I stare out the window as the fluffy, gray clouds whip by. I hear the captain come over the intercom and say, "Hello ladies and gentle men, we are now about five minutes away from the airport so please buckle up and prepare for landing. I hope you all enjoyed your flight and feel to come again!" I groan and straighten my uniform that I can obligated to wear home for every visit. Unlike the other breaks, this one is much longer than usual.


Hey guys sorry it isn't very long and that there was no Liam involvement in this chapter. I was just trying to get this story going. hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I love it. I would really appreciate if you commented or liked my story! BYE!!

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