The avengers in a chatroom

We'll this is a avengers chatroom this is completely new so if you like it than comment!


1. Chapter 1

Tony has made a chatroom

Tony has invited






Littlemissredhead- I will kill you in your sleep stark

Birdbrain- lol

Littlemissredhead- shut up birdbrain

Angerisues- seriously

Starspangeledtights- what is this thing

Poptarthammerking- yes man of iron what is this magical device with words on it?

Tony- it's a computer Thor and this thing we are talking off of its a chatroom

Poptarthammerking- I LIKE IT ANOTHER!!!!! (Thor throws computer on the ground)

Littlemissredhead- Tell me how to change my username or I swear It will be the last thing you ever do

Tony- what are you going to do little miss red head?

Birdbrain- where did Nat go?

Tony- wasn't she next to you?

Littlemissredhead- (Turns off lights, puts on night vision goggles)

Birdbrain- This can't be good

Tony- aaaaahhhhhhhh

Tony- you go into settings and click change name

Littlemissredhead has become Natasha

Birdbrain has become Clint

Angerissues has become Bruce

Startspangledtights has become Steve

Natasha- Thor sent you going to change your name?

Poptarthammerking- I like my name spider woman

Natasha- Change it

Poptarthammerking has become Thor

Fury has entered the chat

Fury- Romanoff I have a mission I need you to attend to ASAP

Natasha- Yes sir

Natasha has left the chat

Bruce- who says Attend to anymore

Thor- I do

Steve- I do

Bruce- never mind

Clint- so how is Pepper Tony

Tony- she is great. But she has been spending a lot of time with Nat lately

Clint- I only get to call her Nat

Tony- ooooo someone's getting a little protective over his girlfriend

Clint- She is not my girlfriend we are just really good friend anyways this is getting boring I'm leaving

Bruce- Just because Natasha left doesn't mean you have to

Clint has left

Tony- we have got to get them together

Steve- don't you remember last time you tried to play matchmaker with Natasha

Thor- If I do recall she threw you out of Stark towers and you landed in a lake

Tony- But this time is different

Bruce- Sorry you are on your own

Steve- yup

Thor- I agree with the captain of America

Tony- But what about the time Bruce when you took Natasha's......

Bruce- You better not tell her

Tony- I won't if you help me

Bruce- Fine

Steve- we'll I'm still not doing it

Tony- If you don't than I will tell her about what you did to her favorite gun

Steve- You wouldn't

Bruce- what did you do

Tony- he painted her gun red white and blue

Steve- Fine

Thor- I would not want any of my secrets told so I am in

Tony- oh yeah!!!!!!

Everyone had left the chat

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