The Journal

Sirius had been hiding something dangerous, something treacherous...from the rest of the Wizarding World... something only he knew about. The matter was never revealed to any individual as his death arrived unexpectedly a little too soon. One day, while James Albus Potter and his friends were messing around the Whomping Willow, the tree catapulted an old, withered journal straight towards James’ head. The kids were clueless as to the information held within the journal, but soon realized it held things that would change their lives, twisting it with adventure, drama, and choosing between life and death.


6. The Feast

     Loads of varieties of food magically appeared on every table of each house. Rose’s eyes grew larger than normal, astonished at the fact that so much food was present in front of her. I felt the same way too. Uncle Ron  never told us anything about so much food being here, being the food hogger that he is. There was turkey, chicken, pork, beef, fried vegetables, mashed potatoes, creme brulee, croissants, you name it. There was a glass of sweet pumpkin juice placed in front of each and every one of us. Rose and I, not knowing which food to try first, tried a little bit of everything that was in front of us.  The food was delicious, rich, and melted in our mouths. We kept feasting on until we were full to our stomachs. The people around us were still devouring away the meal as fast as they could, but the food wondrously kept coming back. At around midnight, all the food vanished into thin air.

    The Headmistress came up near the podium and announced that all the prefects needed to lead the first years to their common rooms. All the first years looked around, admiring the school as a whole. As we reached our respective entrances to the common rooms, there was a large portrait of the fat lady in an old fashioned dress and a fancy sun hat blocking our way inside.

    “Password?” the fat lady asked in a monotone.

    Rose raised her eyebrow, finding this system slightly “high-tech security” for such an old sorcery school.

    “Pygmy Puff” the Gryffindor prefect, Adam Smith said.

    The fat lady gave us a weak smile, as though she were getting tired of her job, and swung open revealing an arched entrance way into the Gryffindor common room.

    “This way, Gryffindors. Follow me,” Smith said, beckoning us to move forward.

    The Gryffindor Common Room was decorated in red and gold wallpaper and a florally decorated, glass tiled floor. The room consisted of furniture that looked centuries old. Looks like they never found the time to replace the antique armchairs and sofas with something more modern. But it still gave the place a more sophisticated appearance and looked slightly relevant to the magic of the place.

    Smith began the introduction, “Alright, people. Listen up. The boys dormitories are upstairs to the left. And girls, the same on the right. Boys, do not even think about sneaking into the girls’ dormitories, as the stairs will melt at just a touch. You will find that your belongings have already been dropped off for you. Make yourselves comfortable. You will be staying here a whole year,”

    And with that, the students scattered to their desired locations. Some stayed in the common room to catch up with their friends, some went directly to bed, as they were exhausted, and some left the common room to the owlery to send messages to their families. Rose and I were one amongst the people who went to the owlery to send a letter to our families.

    Dear Mum and Dad,

        I just arrived at Hogwarts. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been sorted into Gryffindor, just like the two of you! And so has Rose! We both met quite a few people here , already. One of them includes a kid from the Malfoy family that Uncle Ron keeps talking about. He’s a jerk, just like Uncle Ron described his father. The feast was amazing and was cooked to pure perfection.  The food was in such a variety that Rose and I had a hard time choosing our meal. We ended up eating a little bit of everything until our stomachs couldn’t hold it in anymore. Well, overall, the both of us had a wonderful first day! I’ll write more once our classes begin. Love you!

Yours truly,

James Potter


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