The Journal

Sirius had been hiding something dangerous, something treacherous...from the rest of the Wizarding World... something only he knew about. The matter was never revealed to any individual as his death arrived unexpectedly a little too soon. One day, while James Albus Potter and his friends were messing around the Whomping Willow, the tree catapulted an old, withered journal straight towards James’ head. The kids were clueless as to the information held within the journal, but soon realized it held things that would change their lives, twisting it with adventure, drama, and choosing between life and death.


3. Malfoy Trouble

As soon as the words left his mouth, our kind smiles turned solemn. We  both knew exactly who he was. Uncle Ron had told us about them and their horrid family background. Scorpius’s father was Draco Malfoy, Uncle’s worst enemy. Their family was filled with Death Eaters, servants of Lord Voldemort. I had a quick flashback of everything and my eyes widened in to huge, white, round balls. Rose probably got the same flashback and her eyes balled out, too, just a little more than mine, mostly due to her sudden shock. I was curious of how he would react when he figured out who we were, so I said with a sly smile,

“My name is James Potter and this is Rose Weasley.”

As soon as I stated  this, not to my surprise, he realized who we were too, as his smile turned into an evil laugh.

“Well, then. Red hair, and a hand-me-down robe... no need to tell me who you are, Weasley,” he spat, glaring at her. “And as for you, son of the ‘Chosen One’, you’re no better, I suppose.”

I gritted my teeth, as I tried my level best to ignore his impolite insults. Rose, on the other hand, wasn’t able to control herself as well. She narrowed her eyes and snarled at him.

“You and your pathetic family are nothing but cowards, Malfoy!” she screeched.

“Cowards? It would take a coward to know a coward,” he said, his smile turning into a wider grin as he enjoyed irritating Rose.

“You are just the same... you... you... -”

“Rose, shut up,” I interrupted her. I knew, from long and excruciatingly boring stories of Uncle Ron’s rivalry with the Malfoy family, that arguing, or especially throwing insults, at them was no good. They, being the cowards they are, would always find a comeback to throw back at us.

“At least Potty knows who he’s dealing with, eh?” Malfoy replied with a nasty tone.

“I know exactly who I’m dealing with, Malfoy. You’re the great, almighty king of the cowards,” I said, hoping he’d get the idea.

Rose smiled at me. I know I shouldn’t be insulting him, but I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed Rose’s wrist in my right hand and reached for our luggages with my left. I stormed out the compartment, leaving Malfoy alone to himself.

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