One Life

Heidi decided it'd be a good idea to go to the beach one day until she found someone there.... Who was it? You'll find out when you read "One Life" (;


7. Chapter 6

Justin's POV

I woke up with a headache. But I had a wonderful night with Heidi! I just can't stop thinking about her! I'm thinking about taking her out to the beach today since it will be a wonderful day. I get out of bed, well practically roll since I was too lazy to actually get out of bed, and I grab my clothes. I head into the bathroom and take a shower. I wash my hair and body then get out, grab a towel and dry myself off. I get dressed then go into my room and find my phone under the bed and text Heidi.



J; Hey shawty! I was wondering if you would like to go to the beach on this wonderful day?

H; Totally! Pick me up at noon and i'll be ready!

J; Alright see you then!


Heidi's POV



J; Hey shawty! I was wondering if you would like to go to the beach on this wonderful day?

H; Totally! Pick me up at noon and i'll be ready!

J; Alright see you then!


I'm so excited to see Justin again! Plus to see him half naked? Oh my gosh I bet he has abs! I won't be able to stop staring ha! I get lost in my thoughts then realize I have to get ready. I put down my phone and get into the shower. Wash and do my usual stuff then get out. I find my swim suit then throw it on and throw on some clothes over it. I look over to see the clock and right on time it's noon. Just then I hear Justin honk outside so I grab my stuff and head outside but earlier I wrote my mom a note telling her where I was going to be.


J; Hey! (Kisses her check) I missed your face! (:

H; Haha I missed yours too!

J; Ha! Bet I missed yours more (;

H; Bet not! (chuckles) Just drive

J; Okay okay I am


I look outside the window watching us drive. Then I see we pull up to the beach! I'm just so excited to see him take off his shirt! Ha!


J; We are here!

H; Well then let's go!!

J; (chuckles) Hey slow down! Wait for me!


I find a spot and sit down. I look behind me and Justin is still running towards me.


J; I told you to wait for me! Now I'm out of breath!

H; Haha boy that was such a run for such a "little" boy (winks)

J; Hey! You try to go run that! Now I'm thirsty so I'm going to go get us a drink, what would you like?

H; Just a water please

J; Coming right up!


Justin's POV

I walk to the car to grab us both a bottle of water when I turned my head and saw someone I really didn't want to see. Selena. What is she doing here?! Ugh. I turn my head to check the time then look back to where she was and she's walking towards me. I start shutting the trunk and trying to walk away and pretend I didn't see her but that didn't work out....


Selena; Hey! I didn't know you were going to be here!

J; Yeah well I'm here with my girlfriend.

S; Really? That's nice!

J; Yeah so I have to get back to her.


I start turning away when she pulled my hand towards her and I looked back and she kissed me!


Heidi's POV

I was looking into the ocean then start daydreaming about Justin. Thinking what a sweet guy he is. Then wondering what was taking him so long. I turn my head to see what he was doing when the next thing I knew I had tears running down my cheeks. I couldn't believe what he was doing right now. I saw Justin pull out of the kiss and look at me. I got up and ran. He ran after me, faster. We were about down a block from the beach when he finally reached me.


J; Please Heidi she kissed me!

H; That's what all men say when they kiss their ex!

J; Please she forced me to do it!

H; No! Leave me alone! I see why you brought me here! You wanted to show me you still had feelings for your ex! Well you got your way! I seen and you can have her!


I start walking away when he grabbed my hand and fell to the ground on his knees begging me to forgive him. I couldn't though... He just kissed his ex girlfriend. I knew someone like him would never love me. I jerked my arm back and walked away with tears in my face. I still had huge amount of feelings for him. Not just hate towards him but also jealous and sad and maybe even a little love towards him even though he just kissed his ex girlfriend. I still love him. Or maybe I just don't know what love is anymore.....





So I finally got a chapter done for you and it's midnight my time!! Ugh I'm so tired! I stayed up late just so I could give you a chapter! But anyways comment what you think! Thanks guys!!



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