One Life

Heidi decided it'd be a good idea to go to the beach one day until she found someone there.... Who was it? You'll find out when you read "One Life" (;


5. Chapter 5

Heidi's POV

As I lay down my head starts throbbing. I walk into my bathroom connected to my bedroom. Kate decided to stay at her house tonight since it's been a few days since she seen her mother. I walk into the bathroom and open the cabinet. I go through it quietly so I don't wake my mom up. Then I see it. The medicine I've been looking for. Thank goodness! I pop it into my mouth and drink a glass of water with it. I take out my phone and saw I had new message.


Justin; Hey beautiful!(:

Heidi; Hey!

Justin; I was wondering if you wanted to meet up today? Maybe go out to eat?

Heidi; Sure I'd love to!

Justin; Great! I'll see you at 3!


I put away my phone and get into the shower. I didn't really know why he liked me but I accept it anyways. I got out of the shower and got dressed and straightened my hair and put on a little makeup. I look at the clock, 2:45. I text him back to tell him i'm ready.

Justin; Be there in a few minutes! Just around the block!

I hear a knock on the door and open it. Thank goodness mom was at work so she wouldn't ask me who he was and give me the safety speech.


Justin; Hey.....Wow your stunning!

I start blushing

Heidi; Well thank you. You don't look to bad yourself(;

Justin chuckled

Justin; Thank you but are you ready to go?

Heidi; Yes!


He takes my hand and walks me outside and brings me to his limo. He opens the door while I get in and he gets in after me, closing the door.


Heidi; You really didn't have to take me in a limo Justin.

Justin; But I wanted it to be special since your a special girl.

Heidi; Thank you Justin but really you don't have to spend a lot of money on me.

Justin; I'm famous, it's what I do.

We both start laughing.


Well this is going better than I planned! I hope he really doesn't spend a lot of money on me though. I mean I'm rich myself so why would I want to spend some of his money when I have money? It doesn't make sense.

Justin; We are here!

We both get out and walk into this fancy restraint.


Heidi; But I told you I didn't want you to spend a lot of money on me?

Justin; But like I said you are a special girl.

Justin starts grinning.

Heidi; Fine

Justin; Awwh you look so cute mad

We both laugh


We both are seated in the very back of the restraunt so no one can see us. Then we both order our food.

Heidi; I just want mac and cheese

Justin; And i'll have what she is having also

Heidi; So we are going to have a mac and cheese date?

Justin; Defiantly!

We both chuckle at each other

By the time we are done the food is finally here. We both dig in and actually eat like pigs and continue to laugh at each other. I was having such a great time I didn't even see what time it was


Heidi; Oh my gosh I have to get home!

Justin; Alright let me drive you home

We both walk out and his car is there. Not the limo anymore.


Heidi; What happened to the limo?

Justin; I thought you might want me to drive you home instead of the limo.

Heidi; Oh

Justin; Is that okay?

Heidi; Actually yes

Justin; Haha alright hop in!


I got in and he started driving me home.


Heidi; Thanks for a wonderful night Justin

Justin; No problem shawty



So there's that chapter!!! Next chapter will be a lot of trouble!! (: Thanks comment what you think!

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