One Life

Heidi decided it'd be a good idea to go to the beach one day until she found someone there.... Who was it? You'll find out when you read "One Life" (;


4. Chapter 4

Heidi's POV

We ended up going home after the mall so we could go to bed early since the concert is tomorrow. And boy I was super tired!


~~Next Morning~~


I woke up to Kate jumping on top of my bed. She did stay the night last night.


Heidi; What's going on?!

Kate; Did you forget or something? We have a Justin Bieber Concert to go to in about 4 hours!! We need to get ready!

Heidi; Oh yeah! Sorry I totally forgot! Ugh how could I forget that! Haha.

Kate; Stop laughing and get dressed babe! Haha!

Heidi; Ewww! I'm not your "babe"!

Kate; Hey it was a compliment!

Heidi; Well thanks but no thanks! (: (Yells to the downstairs) Taking a shower!

Mom; Alright honey!


As I get in the shower I see all the scars I have on my hip. Yes I used to cut and I'm not very proud of it. I might be an only child but it gets hard at times. I couldn't help it at the time. I didn't know how to cope...


I start washing my hair and then move onto shaving my legs. I start to wash my body as I feel a dark mark where my uncle hurt me not too long ago. It was like two weeks ago. I haven't told anyone about my scars or what my uncle did to me. He isn't very nice. Especially since I'm an only child. I don't know why he doesn't like me. Everyone likes me.


As I get out of the shower I wrap the towel around my body and walk and grab clothes to get dressed in that Kate bought me yesterday. I walk out of the bedroom and show Kate my outfit I'll be wearing for tonight.


Heidi; So?

Kate; Woah! You look hot! Haha!

Heidi; Thanks! I think I'm going to tell my mom we are going to leave now since it's almost time for the concert and I want to see him now! Haha.

Kate; Good idea!

Heidi; (Yells) Mom!

Mom; Yes honey?

Heidi; Kate and I are leaving now!

Mom; Alright I'll be home when you get home! Drive safe and don't go too crazy!

Heidi; Haha we won't mom!

Heidi; Alright she said we can Kate.

Kate; Alright let's go.


We hop in my car and drive off. I can feel it inside me that this is going to be a great day! As we drive into the parking lot it was pretty packed already even though the concert wasn't for another 2 hours. We both get out of the car and we are both excited!


Sound Check:

Testing 1, 2, 3? Testing 1, 2...... woah.

I had a feeling he was looking at me.....


Justin's POV

Testing 1, 2, 3? Testing 1, 2.....woah.

I couldn't believe it! It's the girl I thought was beautiful at the Coffee Shop! She's here! Oh my she is so stunning! She probably couldn't look anymore beautiful then she is right now but I bet she could pull it off!

Justin; (whispering) Scooter!

Scooter; What man?

Justin; She's the girl!

Scooter; What girl?

Justin; I want her to be my One Less Lonely Girl!

Scooter; What's her name?

Justin; I don't know...I met her at the Coffee Shop just the other day.

Scooter; Well she's pretty

Justin; I know right (;

Scooter; Yes Justin.

Justin; Haha!

Scooter; I will tell them that you want her to be your One Less Lonely Girl.

Justin; Thank you Scooter!

Scooter; No problem buddy. I'm glad you are getting over Selena.

Justin; Me too.


~~Few songs later...~~


Who wants to be my One Less Lonely Girl?!

(crowd cheers)

There's gonna be one less lonely girl, One less lonely girl. How many I told you's and start overs and shoulders you've cried on before. How many promises, be honest girl, how many tears you let hit the floor........(song goes on)


Girl; Would you like to be the One Less Lonely Girl?

Heidi; Me?

Girl; Yes you!

Heidi; Yes!!!!

We both start walking out and going behind the stage where I'm about to go on and Justin Bieber is going to sing to me!!

Girl; It's your turn to go out!

I walk out and there's a chair waiting for me to sit on and Justin is coming to me with flowers!!

Justin; (sings) I can fit up your broken heart, I can give you a brand new start, I can make you believe(yeah) I just wanna set one girl free to fall. Fall in love, with me. Her hearts locked and nowhere to get the key, I'll take her and leave the world with one less lonely girlll!


Justin; What's your name?

Heidi; H-Heidi

Justin; Well thank you for coming up here and I'm glad they found you.

Heidi; What do you mean found me?

(Walks backstage)

Justin; Well I saw you come in and your the girl I bumped into at the Coffee Shop so I told them I wanted you to be the girl (:

Heidi; Awhh really?

Justin; Yes beautiful (:


Heidi; I think you better go

Justin; Can I have your number?

Heidi; Sure

Justin hands her his phone and Heidi gives him her phone and exchange phone numbers

Justin; Thanks beautiful (:

Heidi; No problem! I gotta go. Text me whenever!



And that was Chapter 4!! Comment what you think! Thanks!


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