One Life

Heidi decided it'd be a good idea to go to the beach one day until she found someone there.... Who was it? You'll find out when you read "One Life" (;


3. Chapter 3

 Justin's POV

Justin; Scooter!

Scooter; Yeah man?

Justin; When are we gonna get to New York?

Scooter; Soon. Just calm down. Maybe you need to take a nap or go text Selena.

Justin; I guess...

As I go plop down on the bed my phone rings. Its Selena.

Selena; Hey Baby!

Justin; Hey Selena...

Selena; What's wrong?

Justin; Nothing.. nothing for you to worry about babe.

Selena; But your-your sad?

Justin; No I'm not. Not anymore since you called.

Selena; Awh! Well anyways the real reason why I called was to break up with you.

Justin; Oh...but why...?

Selena; I just feel like this relationship isn't going anywhere and I'm not sure how I feel about you anymore.

Justin; So your breaking up with me?

Selena; No... but since you put it out there yes.

Justin; I gotta go.


Now not only am I just so bored but now my own girlfriend broke up with me because I'm so boring..

Scooter; Who's that?

Justin; Selena...

Scooter; What's wrong pal? You are never this down while touring even on the most boring days possible.

Justin; Selena broke up with me.

Scooter; Oh that's gotta hurt....

Justin; It does... can I just go for some coffee? myself?

Scooter; If you insist. I'll go tell him you want some coffee and we will stop a few blocks from one and you can walk there.

Justin; Thanks (Slightly smiles)

Scooter; No problem bud! Anything to help a friend.

The tour bus stopped and as soon as I got off I was in an ally so no one could see me. I walked in and got a small cup of coffee.

Cashier; That will be $8.76 please? Oh my gosh you are--

Justin; Shhh! Don't say anything please.

I hand her a 20 dollar bill and told her to keep the change. As I walk out I bump into this girl.

Justin; Oh my gosh I am so sorry!

Heidi; It's fine I got it..

Heidi's POV

And there I saw the most brown eyed boy I thought I would never meet but he's right here in front of me.

Heidi; Oh my...!

Justin; Are you alright?

Heidi; Yeah just my head hurts but I will be fine..

I felt like I was drooling. I snap out of the gaze and tell him I have to go. Even though I didn't want to leave I felt very awkward just standing there in front of him and no one but me noticed who he was. I left the scene area and got some coffee since Kate was outside in the car waiting for me. We are supposed to be on our way to the mall but I wanted coffee so I could shop forever! I payed the lady and she whispered to me and asked me if I knew who I bumped into and I said yes. She was fangirling with me! It was kinda great to have a moment like that, not like Kate and I don't have those moments because we do. Its just the feeling fangirling with a different girl who likes him too! I had to let her go though or else Kate would come in and see what was taking so long so I left and jumped into the car and headed straight to the mall without telling Kate what happened back there....

Kate; Oh my gosh! Should I buy this?? Or this?!

I love shopping with Kate she's so funny!

Heidi; Ooo how about the bright one!! What are we shopping for anyways?

Kate; Well since your birthday is in a few days and Justin Bieber is on tour, I got tickets for you and I just to go to one of his concerts on your birthday!!

Heidi; Oh my gosh you didn't!

Kate; Oh yes I did!!! I even got meet and greets and VIP passes for us!

Heidi; Oh my gosh you just made my whole life!!!!

What she didn't know is that I have already met him in person.... but it wouldn't hurt to meet him a second time (:

Kate; I knew I would! So pick out whatever you want to wear to the concert and I will buy it for you!

Heidi; It's alright I can-

Kate; No. It's your birthday. Your the birthday girl so I am buying you everything you want!

Heidi; I can't believe you! (Smiles)

Kate; Haha I love you best friend!

Heidi; I love you too!

After that we started shopping and got everything I wanted! It's like a dream come true! Soon I will meet Justin once again but let's hope this time it won't be as awkward. (:


Thank you everyone for reading my book! I can't believe how many favorites and likes I have already! Thank you I am so grateful! Love you all! Keep reading please and comment what you think! (;

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