Why Me?? (5SOS)

"Dad just let me go!"
I was trying to hold my tears back as he took a steep closer and slapped me hard agents my cheek.
"You little slut! I did raise you to be a slut Jordan! Hanging around boys all the fucking time!"
"I hate you! Let me go you old fuck!"
'Bang' -
And that was the last thing I heard.


7. You like her

Ashton's P.O.V

"Dude, what the fuck is wrong with you?!"

We were in our flat now and I was lying on the couch think of how much of an idiot I am.

"I know, I know. Im a dickhead. I don't know what happened."

"You like her." Michael said teasing me.

"What? And you don't like Addy?" The smile wiped right off of his face.

"That's different! I actually ca talk to good looking girls! You just stand there like a fucking Muppet!"

"Fuck you. Can you ask Addy that can I please have her number? Just don't let Jordie know.

"Fine." He pulled his phone out and I'm guessing he went to text Addy.

"Dude! I don't follow her on Twitter!

"I do." Cal, Luke and I said at the same time.

"Well I going to follow her now."

"Can you just fucking text Addy??"

"No way!"

"What?" I said getting pissed off.

"You're Jordies favorite!"

"How do you know?"

"She did a thing a couple days ago saying, 'who is your favourite',and 'why is he' and shit like that."

"Give me the phone." I demanded.

It said

'Who is your favorite: Ashton Irwin'

'Why: Because firstly, he the most gorgeous person alive, but he also seems soon nice and bubbly because he is so out there and so generous to everyone, like fans and stuff :)'

'Do you think he will ever notice you: No, no one ever does. And I also because I'm not one of those amazingly obsessive fabs who none stops talks about how amazing they are (because everyone already knows!) and doesn't ask for a million follows and shoutouts 24/7, but @Laday_Scott_is_hott defiantly doesn't do that! (Mike is her fave!)

I chuckled.

"What?" Mike asked.

"Your Addys favorite." I smiled looking at him.


I gave him back his phone and went upstairs to sleep.

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