Why Me?? (5SOS)

"Dad just let me go!"
I was trying to hold my tears back as he took a steep closer and slapped me hard agents my cheek.
"You little slut! I did raise you to be a slut Jordan! Hanging around boys all the fucking time!"
"I hate you! Let me go you old fuck!"
'Bang' -
And that was the last thing I heard.


6. Is he ok?

"No way! Your the girl we followed on Twitter!" Calum swilled sitting on the chairs in the interview room.

"Yeah I am," I was blushing now. "Well, lets start! Firstly, I'm Jordie, and this," I pointed at Addy, "is Addy. So, Calum, do you guys mind all the fans and things? Because I would imagine that it would be annoying??"

"No it's actually fine. We love meeting fans on the street."

"It's fun." Michael joined in.

"Ok, well Ashton, can you tell us if there is any albums you guys are making?"

But he just sat there, starting at me.

"Umm Cal, his he ok?"

"Cal. I like it. Umm he dose this when he sees someone thats really pretty. Its never been this bad though."

"Ok then. Umm lets continue."

***** after interview ******

"Well it was nice meeting you guys. Oh and am I allowed to get a picture of us for twitter?" I asked.

"Sure babe." Said Calum.

Me and Addy were in the middle, Ashton next to me on my left. Next to Ash was Calum. Next to Addy was Michael, the Luke.

"Say Tim's awesome!" Tim yelled.

"Tim's fucked!!" Me and Addy yelled.


"Thanks boys." We said smiling and started to walk off.

"Wait!" I think Michael yelled.

We both turned around.

"Um, Addy, heres my number, you know, just in case, you, uh, need anythink."

I looked at Addy and her face could have passed for the reddest tomato at a festival.

"Thank you." She said and she kissed his cheek.

"Bye boys."

And this time none of them said anything after we left.

As we got into the car, Addy screamed.

"What the fuck!! You could have just made you deaf you dickhead!!"

"Dude, I just got Michael fucken' Clifford's number!! You know he is my favourite!"

"Ashton is mine, but I don't think he likes me. He just stared at me."

"Did you not hear what Calum said you dumb fuck?? He said that he only does that when he sees someone pretty!!"

"What ever. Lets go."

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