Why Me?? (5SOS)

"Dad just let me go!" I was trying to hold my tears back as he took a steep closer and slapped me hard agents my cheek. "You little slut! I did raise you to be a slut Jordan! Hanging around boys all the fucking time!" "I hate you! Let me go you old fuck!" 'Bang' - And that was the last thing I heard. ** 16+ THERE WILL BE MATURE CONTENTS IN THIS MOVELLA. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK**


9. "I really need to stop meeting people like this."

Jordie's P.O.V

"Yo yo yo sexy bitches." I said walking into work. It's Friday with is awesome cause tomorrow I'm going on a date with Ashton....

"Where's Addy?" Tim asked.

"I don't know... I woke up and she was already gone.... Wired..."

"I know right. Well, get ready for the into. It starts in 10 minutes."

"K. Bye faggot."

"Bye Maggot."

We always had that nickname thing for each other.. :P

I got my phone out, since I was already ready, and went on Twitter trying to find anything interesting.

@Calum5SOS "Muhahaha I gotta plan...."

@Ashton5SOS "I'm reallyyyyyy scared about tomorrow.. I hope she likes me...."

I giggled to myself and then saw another tweet from Ash.

"Shit... Wasn't meant to tweet that.... Lol :P"

I laughed and then saw a tweet from from Brad Simpson.

I love Brad.

He so dreamy.

And cute.

And funny.

And cute.

"Going to an interview with the boys today in AUSTRALIA! That's right. We r in 'Aussie' as the @5SOS boys would say...... Nothing wrong with that :PP"

"YES!!" I yelled out loud.

"So you are happy we are here?" I hear someone say behind me. I turn around to see James, Tristan, Brad and Connor from THE VAMPS looking at me.

"Shit. I really need to stop meeting people like this." I say.

They all laughed.

"I'm really sorry, but my partner for the interview isn't her yet. If you guy want, you can go sit in there," I pointed to the door on my left, "and chill until I come and get you. Sorry."

"That's ok love. We'll be in there if you need us." Connor said sweetly and walked ok with the rest of the boys.

I got my phone out of my perse, and rang Addy.

"Dude, where the fuck are you?"

"I, uh, I'm.. Stuck in traffic! I'll be there in ten minutes."

I was ready to hang up the phone, but then heard Addy speak before I did.

"ASHTON!! IM GOING!! Fuck, the phone." And then the line went dead.




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