Why Me?? (5SOS)

"Dad just let me go!" I was trying to hold my tears back as he took a steep closer and slapped me hard agents my cheek. "You little slut! I did raise you to be a slut Jordan! Hanging around boys all the fucking time!" "I hate you! Let me go you old fuck!" 'Bang' - And that was the last thing I heard. ** 16+ THERE WILL BE MATURE CONTENTS IN THIS MOVELLA. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK**


5. Hopefully they are hot

"Yo yo yo homies." Addy and I said together strutting up the hallway, near the front desk.

"Well well well. Look what the tied dragged in."

Tim, the receptionist said laughing.

"Ah ah ah Tim. The sexxxy tied dragged in. Thats why the sexy tied dragged in two sexy chicks."

"Nice way of putting idiot."

We skipped to Tim's desk pitting our elbows on the desk, with the palm of our hands holding our faces up.

"Sooo, who are we interviewing today?"

"Really Jordie? You know that we don't tell you who you interview. You said that on your first da that you don't EVER want to know who you interview. You said, "I want it to be a surprise." Tim said pitting on the worst girly voice in history.

"I hate you." I said, Addy and I walking away.

"I love you too sweet cheeks!!" He said sarcastically.

As we were strutting down the hall, hips popping out as we walk, we both put our middle fingers up towards the ceiling, meaning it for Tim. He was a really cool guy. Hot, good body, tanned, funny and good in bed. I know this because I know everything ;)

"Hopefully they're hot." I said to Addy.

"Well, hopefully we are." A familiar voice said behind us.

Me and Addy both turned around together.

"Holly shit." Addy whispered.

"They are hot! This is my lucky day!" I swilled.

5 Seconds of fucking Summer is all I can tell you.

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