Why Me?? (5SOS)

"Dad just let me go!"
I was trying to hold my tears back as he took a steep closer and slapped me hard agents my cheek.
"You little slut! I did raise you to be a slut Jordan! Hanging around boys all the fucking time!"
"I hate you! Let me go you old fuck!"
'Bang' -
And that was the last thing I heard.


13. "Addy, Im so sorry."

Jordie's P.O.V

I woke up in a huge room and I felt a pair of eyes on me. I sat up and I saw Calum standing in the door way.

"Your lucky we like you Jordie. That couch is Satin." Calum said.

I giggled. "How long was I asleep for?"

"Twenty-one hours. Nearly a whole day."

"Shit. What time is it?"

"6pm Saturday."

"Thanks." I got out of bed, walked to Calum and grab his hand. "Lets go." I said.

We walked down the stairs and went in to the kitchen.

"Whats for breaky?" I asked.

"Uhhhh... Toast?"



I got dressed and put on some light makeup.



"Im going to go see Addy. You wanna come?" I asked Calum.

"Yeah. Ok."


Me and Calum walked into room 111, Addy's room, and we saw her just lying there, lifeless agian. I walked over to the chair beside her, trying to hold my tears, and grabbed her hand in mine.

"Addy, Im so sorry. This should never had happened to you. I just hope you survive. When we were younger, and mum was in hospital, I remember that we use to lay on the couch next to her and pretend we were sick too."I slightly laughed at the memory.

"I remember that we use to go to the shops and still the lolly's because I never had tasted the ones in Adelaide before. I remember that on my 20th, we went to Melburne, and met Cody Simpson and Jessica Malboy. I remember that when first got off the plane, you recolonized me from my Twitter account and how you were a big fan. I remember when we went to the boys concert, and we went mental. That was the most amazing night. And now here you are, lifeless, and might not wake up."

Calum came over to me and started to rub my back slowly.

"Shes not going anywhere Jordie. Shes not leaving you. Trust me."

I turned to Calum, and he bent down, connecting his soft lips with mine. He kissed me softly but passionately, then pulled me out of my chair without breaking the kiss. We were now both standing I put my arms around his neck. He pulled me in closer, putting his arms around my waist, then started to kiss me rougher and I kissed him back with as much force.

About 5 minutes later I pulled back and put my head on his shoulder and just looked at Addy.

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