Justin and I

Do you want to meet Justin? I know I do. Do you ever think what it would be like for him to know you, for him to hold you and love you?
This is my story about Justin. This is my dream.


3. The Disaster

I gave Justin a whole tour of the school. We chatted and laughed and he held doors open for me and asked interesting questions. He was so kind. He came from Stratford in Ontario. His parents weren't together, Pattie and Jeremy, and he had a little brother and sister called Jaxon and Jazzmyn. He talked about his hobbies, he writes music and plays guitar and sings. He likes snowboarding and skateboarding as basketball. He said he would have to play something to me some day. He said he missed Chaz and Ryan, his friends from Canada. We talked for a while until I lead him back to the library.

"Thanks so much! You're a great friend! I have never felt so lost before in a completely new place but now I know where I'm going. Most people find it scary but I just hate being an odd one out. I'm not scared of bullies, I don't let people walk all over me."

"You're welcome."

"Maybe we could hang out some time" I hesitated...what would Brandon say? He wanted nothing to do with me half the time but wanted me all to himself. "As friends." He added.

"Sure. That would be great." He looked slightly disheartened that I only agreed to be friends but he saw I noticed and smiled at me.

"I'm not hinting, just interested, but do you have a boyfriend?" I blushed. What should I say? I didn't want to lie but what would Brandon say if I told the new boy?

"Nope. You?"

"Nope!" We laughed.

"See you later." I waved and headed off.

At the end of the day I went to this little alley where me and Brandon would meet after school. I didn't want to meet him, I had plans, but what he says goes. He didn't greet me with a smile or a hug, he had an angry frown embedded in his face. He scowled at me. Like earlier he shoved me hard against the wall. My head knocked against the bricks.

"What the hell were you thinking today?" He yelled. I had never seen him so angry. But for some reason, maybe after what Justin said, I wasn't going to let him control me again. I pushed him off me.

"Sorry for not wanting to be your little secret you're too ashamed of to tell anyone about. Sorry I don't want to be treated like the dirt on the bottom of your shoe anymore. Sorry for hating being laughed at by you and your friends everyday." I screamed. "You say you love me, you wouldn't do this is you did."

"How dare you say that to me." He shouted, glaring into me. I felt uneasy. "Especially as you're clearly getting off with pretty boy." Pretty boy? Justin.

"WHAT?" I was so angry. "Oh my God...I was giving him a bloody tour he only just came to the school."

"Is that all?"

"I cannot believe you. Are you accusing me of cheating?" I cried. "How could you..."

"No...babe..." He reached for my waist to pull me into a tight embrace, what he usually does after arguments. And we stand there holding each other and crying. Not this time. I pushed his hands away. They fell to his sides. I turned to walk away.

"Is that it?" He called after me. He grabbed my wrist, digging in his nails. "If you walk away now, you're walking away from us." I froze. I may have been angry but I was convinced I loved him. I should have walked away, I realise that now. But I didn't.

He didn't apologise or talk about maybe telling people. He just thought he'd won, he knew he could twist me round his little finger. I was trapped in a web of love and his lies.

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