Justin and I

Do you want to meet Justin? I know I do. Do you ever think what it would be like for him to know you, for him to hold you and love you?
This is my story about Justin. This is my dream.


2. Meeting Justin

I never meant to talk to him. But when I saw him heading for the same History class as me I knew what was going to happen. Our teacher asked where he wanted to sit. I looked to my left, the empty seat beside me. There was also a seat by a girl who all the guys loved. She was perfect in every way: Holly. I knew he would pick her...which is a good thing. But part of me wished he would pick me. And he did.

Wait? He picked me? Why me? He sat down and got his books out.

"Hey. I'm Justin. How are you?" Canadian. So hot!

"I'm Oli. Short for Olivia. I'm good. How are you settling in so far?"

"Good thanks. I feel so lost though. I need a tour really!" Was he...hinting? Well...maybe I could help him out. It couldn't hurt.

"I'm free at lunch. I'll meet you and give you a tour if you want?"

"Really? Thanks!" We talked for the rest of the lesson, laughing and chatting, getting on really well.

We agreed to meet in the library after eating with our friends. I was sat with Ali and Danielle in the dinner hall. They were non stop talking about Justin. I didnt blame them.

"Omg he's gorgeous!"

"I know! I hear he's American..." I could have corrected them but I had to get him out of my head. I couldn't stop thinking about him.

"So how's Brandon?" Asked Ali in a hushed voice.

"Yeah...good." I hesitated.


"Well...it just hurts that he wants to hide me. Why can't we be open? He says he loves me but he's ashamed of me."

"I'm sure that's not the reason." Reassures Danielle.

"And he always lets me down. Cancelling plans and ..." I suddenly got so upset. I wasn't going to stand around letting him walk all over me.

When we were making our way outside we passed him and a bunch of his friends messing around in the corridor. I had never confronted him before, especially in front of his friends. But I had to.

"Brandon?" I called.

"Who's that?" Asked one of his friends. Someone wolf whistled.

"Ooh is it your girlfriend?" Hollered his mates.

"No." He replied abruptly. My heart sank. I felt like crying but I couldn't show him how upset he made me.

"Eeww its that girl from my tech. She's so weird!" Said another one of his friends.

"Not gonna tell them to shut up? Gonna defend me at all?" I said coldly.

"What?" His friends shared confused looks.

Brandon pulled me to one side, shoving me against the wall. It hurt my back and I winced.

"Shut it! What are you playing at?" He said angrily under his breath.

"What are you playing at? I'm sick of being your little secret. Am I so weird and embarrassing you have to hide me?"

"You know that's not the reason." He tried to sound kind but he still sounded evil.

"Do i?" I said.

"Meet me after school. Ok?" He barked. My plans didn't matter to him. I had plans with Danielle but I would have to sacrifice them. I've had to make lots of sacrifices for him. It was all about when he had time for me and when he could fit me in and when he remembered to care.

"Ok" i replied and he marched off.

"What was that about?" His friends sniggered.

"Dunno. She's mental that girl" he said.

"Omg babe are you ok? I heard what he said." The girls rushed to my side. I fell into their arms. I was so hurt. Surely I deserve better than him. But I was blinded by love.

"Crap!" I suddenly remembered about meeting Justin. I ran to the library and their he was...perfect as ever. Unlike my bully of a boyfriend.

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