Justin and I

Do you want to meet Justin? I know I do. Do you ever think what it would be like for him to know you, for him to hold you and love you?
This is my story about Justin. This is my dream.


7. Falling for him...

I don't know how long we stayed at the bus stop for. It felt like forever. I could have stayed there forever. He listened to me and pulled me closer with every tear that fell. He stroked my cheek and at one point he leant over and kissed my forehead. His lips were soft and comforting against my skin.

"You have to report him Oli" he said out of nowhere.

"I cant. I'm too scared. What would he or his friends do to me?"

"Maybe you're right, but you tell me if anything happens again and stay well away from him in future. Ok?" He said sternly to protect me.

"Ok." It made me feel a bit better that Justin cared so much.

After a while he drove me home and gave me a big hug after he walked me to my door.

"Are you gonna be alright? Remember, whatever they think you did doesn't matter, you know what really happened."

"Yeah I guess. Don't worry about me and thanks for everything." I said. He kissed me on the cheek to make me feel better before he turned and walked back to his car. I watched his car slowly disappear, I don't know what would have happened without him that night. Remembering how late it was, I took out my key and snuck up to my bedroom. After all the drama from the day I fell asleep almost instantly.

The next day the school was in uproar. I got blamed for countless things that weren't even true. Rumours spiralled out of control and I was wrapped up in it all. Random people I had never met came up to me and shouted at me, I got dirty looks and scowls directed at me all day. Justin stuck with me and made sure I was ok.

"Ignore them. You know the truth and that's all that matters, they aren't important." He whispered sympathetically as we walked through a crowd of people staring at us.

"Thanks Justin." I said, smiling up at him. He returned it, showing his perfect gleaming white teeth. Every time he smiled a little part if me smiled too. The glisten in his eyes made my stomach tingle. I couldn't like Justin. I just couldn't. But I did.

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