Nina Agdal and Max George

This is a fictive article to my English teacher, this is not real and have never happened.
Is is about the Danish Model Nina Agdal and Max George from the wanted.


1. The article

Nina Agdal and Max George in car crash.

Yesterday afternoon, the Danish Victoria's secret model Nina Agdal got in the middle of a fatal car crash, with her boyfriend over 2 years, Max George. The British boyband singer, Max George didn't survive the crash.

The Danish supermodel, has worked for brands like Victoria's Secret, Billabong, Macy's and Frederick's of Hollywood, and became "Rookie of the year" after her appearance in The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in 2012. 

The model got in the middle of the fatal car crash, after a night out with some of her friends and boyfriend. Nina Agdal escaped with minor injuries, but her boyfriend Max George, from the British boy band The Wanted, didn't survive the crash. 

"The car came with full speed down the road, and crashed into a house not long from where I live." An eye witness said to a reporter shortly after the crash. "I ran down to the car to see if anyone was hurt, and there were, a boy and three girls in the car. The boy [Max George], who was driving the car, was already dead when I arrived, but all the girls were okay, I assume it was because they sat on the backseat." 

The black Range Rover Land Rover, that the singer was driving, was totally damaged on the front. After the police searched the car, they found both alcohol and drugs, that both Max George and Nina Agdal had taken while being out. "We found ecstasy, LSD and vodka under the drivers seat, and the autopsy of Max George showed that he had indeed taken, both the drugs and drunk the vodka before he sat in the drivers seat. All three girls had also traces of ecstasy, LSD and vodka in their blood. We were just lucky that no one else became a part of the car crash." The police chief said, to our reporter after the crash.

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