Don't Let Me Go 16+

Harper hasn't had the easiest life, after her dad dies, she has only her mother.

One horrifying dark secret is made when her mother finds a new boyfriend.

Will a certain boy be able to change the way in which she feels, will she open up to him?

Can she depend, love and trust this guy?

WARNING: contains extremely detailed and graphic scenes for older audiences, (sex, rape, cursing and abuse)


4. Chapter 4

The ride to Leonardo's was a silent and awkward ride, I glanced at mum, she had her hair up formally with large curls down the side of her small framed face, she had light makeup and a gorgeous black maxi dress she looked truly beautiful!

"So where are we going?" I happily spoke up.

Mum was silent thinking about how to reply,

"We are both going out as a family to meet an old friend of mine, David Wescombe. We went to high school together" mum beamed proudly.

As we arrived, I looked at the landscape of the place. It had just newly opened and neither me or my mother had ever been, it was full of glass, and looked of elegance, somewhere where an important company would have an out for tea, meeting. mother silently selected a space and parked the car. I graciously, got out of the car, and the breeze immediately hit my face, calming me and making me feel refreshed.

I walked beside my mother, through the tall glass doors.

Mums attention turned to me,

"darling you look absolutely beautiful tonight!" I was taken back by the compliment.

"So do you mother, I love the laced dress!"

Mums eyes shone as she looked into mine, but her gaze quickly drifted, to behind me, I turned around, there stood a man in around his early thirties. He had greying dark brown hair, and a bit on the chubby side, he had crinkles by his eyes, as he broadly smiled at the two of us. David walked forward, and offered his hand, I shook it as he spoke.

"Hello I'm Dave, you mother and I went to school together, and dated for a while" my eyes widened, I always thought dad was mum's only boyfriend in highschool. I turned to mum, who had a synthetic small smile on her face.

We sat down on a four seated nearby table, and order drinks, me coke, Dave, bear and mother got, alcoholic lemon, lime, and bitters. Dave was sittin next to myself and, across from mum. Mum excused herself, and walked confidently to the ladies room.

I looked down at my clutch, opened it and got out my phone. But was startled, when I felt a rough big hand move from my knee up my thigh slowly, I shivered and turned to Dave who had a huge smirk on his face, his face leaned further towards me, and then whispered in my ear, "you know you look stunningly beautiful tonight, I can't keep my hands of you", he quickly moved his of my leg and into his own lap, as I noticed mum stride put of the toilet, smiling as she did so.

We all browsed at the menu and ordered, not caring what I ate, I ordered a small bowl of chips. Dave, and my mother, Kristen fell into a deep conversation, in which I blocked out, my chips arrived but I did not eat, I couldn't. The night went by in a fast blur. I walked to the car not being able to take much more, I say in the car, as a tear rolled down my cheek, I wyped it away when I realised mum was slowly leaving, and following slowly behind he was Dave.

"Honey, would you like to get in the back seat, so Dave can sit there please?"

"What?" I gasped, was he staying the night?

"Dave said, that he has no transport hime, he has to stay at our place!" Kristen chirped.

"Sure he didn't" I mumbled under my breath, thankful they couldn't quite hear.

"No, I don't want to, I'm staying here" I said calmly.

Dave then spoke up, "Kirsten it's fine. I don't mind sitting in the back" he smiled, seeming friendly, and safe, all that he is not.

We arrived home, and I fell onto the couch in exhaustion, mum went off to get ready for bed. I could hear the creeks on the stairs as she walked away, and the running in the shower.

I could just make out Daves voice from the shower,

"Kirsten, I'll sleep on the couch, Harper might wake up and want her bed anyway"

And then it went black, fallen in to a deep sleep.

I woke up by the steady breathing and deep snoring of an older man, on the couch across from me, I slowly got up, and sat, thinking about what had happened the night before. I checked the time, 3 in the morning.

Dave began to rustle and soon he to was awake, and in a blink he was beside me, my breathed became uneven and I was truly scared, I tried to move, but his hand was quick to hold me down.

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