Don't Let Me Go 16+

Harper hasn't had the easiest life, after her dad dies, she has only her mother.

One horrifying dark secret is made when her mother finds a new boyfriend.

Will a certain boy be able to change the way in which she feels, will she open up to him?

Can she depend, love and trust this guy?

WARNING: contains extremely detailed and graphic scenes for older audiences, (sex, rape, cursing and abuse)


38. Chapter 38

It's been two long weeks that I've been out of the hospital. It's boring because of the doctors orders, no physical activity or anything like that. But a relief to finally be together with Harper and guess what?!


Harper and I had already moved and set up our apartment, with plenty of gorgeous second hand furniture. The apartment we decided to make 'old-fashioned and comfy', it has a range of either cheap or expensive furniture. With the help and generosity from both our large families especially Harper's, we could easily plan in to our taste and affordability.

Right now, Harper and I were cuddled up in thick large and soft blankets in the railed heart shaped king sized bed, we desperately hunted around for. It was white and a tad girly but Harper really wanted it, so I made a difficult exception. Large shadows loomed along the recently painted white walls, illuminating from the nearby blue table lamps, sitting upon the dark old wooden bed side tables. Along with the occasional vanilla and strawberry candles lit through the place.


I slowly rubbed large circles around the small bump on Harpers developing stomach. Her beautiful blue eyes watched my hands move slowly, she was really tired. Another one of pregnancies disadvantages.

Her eyes darted to mine quickly, I moved my eyes away from her face conscious that I was staring at her. She blushed, her smooth cheeks turning a light scarlett.

I made me way towards her face, focusing on her soft lips. My forehead rested against hers, I kissed her deeply and passionately, not long after her lips parted slightly and my tongue started playing with hers, things suddenly got super steamy.

"You aren't allowed to-" she mumbled, finishing half way through her sentence, she stopped as I trailed my hand gently down her tummy towards her pink silk and lace panties.

She froze and her expression became scared, that's the first time that we have ever really gotten 'so sexual', ever. I tried so hard to keep my hands off of her, because I never wanted to scare her, after what she has unfortunately already been through. I pulled my hand away quickly.

"I'm sorry baby" I whispered giving her butterfly kisses on her cheeks. Her eyes felt wet, I looked up to her gorgeous face and saw three large tears fall. My lips tasted of salt from her tears, painting her soft slightly-rosy cheeks.

"Hey, sugar, don't cry" I pleaded wrapping my arms around her petite body and holding her tight. I hate when she got like this, the memories, visions or nightmares that got her wound up and frightened.

After a while she hugged me back and I was glad she did, we both needed each other at that moment. Dave was still managing to hurt and haunt us even through those thick dark jail walls miles away.

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