Don't Let Me Go 16+

Harper hasn't had the easiest life, after her dad dies, she has only her mother.

One horrifying dark secret is made when her mother finds a new boyfriend.

Will a certain boy be able to change the way in which she feels, will she open up to him?

Can she depend, love and trust this guy?

WARNING: contains extremely detailed and graphic scenes for older audiences, (sex, rape, cursing and abuse)


37. Chapter 37

Zayn's POV; 

Uncomfortable and anxiously sat there in the white hospital bed, while the doctor guided Harper slowly and gently out of the room, I looked over to a frightened Paige a few paces behind. She gave me a small smile as if to say, 'I'll follow, sorry' I nodded my pounding head slowly.
As Harper walked out that door, only a minute later did it take me to feel longing for her again. I wanted to be with her, my girlfriend.

I sat there for what felt like hours, but staring at the clock it had only been 53 minutes. Paige walked in, with another hot coffee. She then sat down on the large red maroon chair across from the left side my bed.
"She just fainted from shock, they ran some medical tests with the baby to see if its alright, its fine" she informed me in a bright cheerful tone.
I'm sure she purposely used it to have a happy impact on me. It wasn't working.

"Who's the father, is that my child Paige?" I blurted suddenly feel nauseous that I was probably expecting a child at 16 years of age.
Her face showed an expression that she was thinking over and over for a while, trying to chose her words carefully. My stomach churned.
"Zayn, harper was raped by her mother boyfriend. She fell pregnant, when she told you, you left with hardly any explanation You left her and D-dave found her, we rang the cops and saved Harper but we could save you from getting shot-" I was surprised my mouth hung widely upon.

Her eyes were full of tears, seeing anyone cry made me want to pull them in and hug them tight. I refrained myself from hugging Paige, but I don't think I could really move anyway.
I fell back on pillow needing sleep to take me away I wish I never really asked.


Throughout my dream I dreamt about the 24 hours that didn't register through my mind earlier, replayed back into my head repeatedly. I screamed at the visions to go away, it was just to much it went on for about four hours.

I woke up my face was wet, and felt extremely sweaty. I clenched my fists and red tightly shut. I immediately felt presence beside me. I was shocked to see both dr.robinson and Harper beside me. "I had dreams, I remember.." trailing off at the last few words. I didn't want to visualise any of it in my mind, but it some how made its way, sending me into a daydream. Harper was sprawled along a bench with Dave doing horrible things to her.. I shook my head furiously angry at Dave, how could he do such a thing to a fragile teenage girl? His girlfriends daughter? I shuddered.
But was broken out of my thoughts by Harper stroking my shoulder, I suddenly relaxed she was here, and safe.

*One day later*


Harper and I started looking at apartments in the local area. Coming across a gorgeous and extremely cheap apartment. It was modernised, with everything you could dream of, it had one huge main room with a walk in wardrobe and ensuite. Another slightly smaller one (for the baby) it had a walk in closet, perfect for storage of toys etc.
"Look!" Harper pointed to the right side of the screen.
"Its only been on for a day now! Can we get it Zayn? Please!" the writing was in tiny bold print and stated that it had only been a day and around 3 people were interested.
"We sure can sugarplum," a laughed escaped her lips, ad her eyes filled up with glee.
Right now, she was sitting on the sit of the bed, laptop sitting on her thin thighs and me sitting up in bed watching over her shoulder.
"We'll have to borrow money from our parents" I blurted out, not wanting to ask the bank.
"My mother will definitely help pay under the circumstances.." she whispered sadness and glee in her voice.
We pressed 'buy' and emailed the agent. She giggled with happiness and a huge smiled spread across her beautiful face. Seeing that made me smile even more than ever, my girl was happy and I was happy.

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