Don't Let Me Go 16+

Harper hasn't had the easiest life, after her dad dies, she has only her mother.

One horrifying dark secret is made when her mother finds a new boyfriend.

Will a certain boy be able to change the way in which she feels, will she open up to him?

Can she depend, love and trust this guy?

WARNING: contains extremely detailed and graphic scenes for older audiences, (sex, rape, cursing and abuse)


22. Chapter 22

Harpers POV;

I glanced over at the boys. Harry was very cute. He had beautiful bright green eyes, and a thick brown mop of curls. A cheeky smile and dimples, just like Paige had visually described.

Glancing at Zayn he seemed stunned, and nervous. It soon faded and he turned towards me. Paige embraced Harry and gave him a quick hello and a lingering kiss on the lips.

"Oh, h-hey babe!" Zayn replied his voice stuttered as he spoke.

"Hey" I cooed calmly, reaching up on my toes to give him an alluring and inviting kiss. In the heat of the moment, we kissed passionately for quite a while, my hand held the back of his neck firmly, and his hands wrapped around my waist, but we were interrupted by a deep clearing of the throat.

Both Harry and Paige stood there as if they had been waiting a very boring full half hour. I blushed and processed to walk into the old and vacant diner.

I noticed my bright red lipstick had transferred slightly to Zayn's lips giving them a scarlet shade. I couldn't help but giggle, as I pointed it out to Paige. She silently giggled along with me.

"I forgot to tell you, back in the day us two" pointing to Zayn and himself "were best mates in a band, named one direction" he informed, sounding proud of himself, I gasped dramatically, not knowing that Zayn could sing. Every one exploded into small fits of laughter. I made a mental to ask him to sing for me later.

"We were, and we were great" Zayns deep husky voice whispered directly to Harry. Harry's mouth let out a large smile and cheeky laugh.


We seated at simple wooden four seated  table and chairs. Harry and Zayn beside each other, and their dates across from them.

The waiter came around and ask what drinks and beverages we wanted. Not old enough to get beer, we all decided on a large jug of Diet Cola. I poured myself a glass, feeling the ice cold refreshment slide down my throat at each graceful swallow. Leaving red lip imprints on the glass tumbler cups. Lost in thought, the guys continued their conversation about sport and old times, as politely Paige excused herself to the bathroom. Tonight she seemed really on the edge, and nervous,  it made me curious.


Paige's POV;

As Harper and I walked it to the restaurant, I was excited for our first ever double date. Deciding to exclude the time Harper and I, had boyfriends at the same time in grade 1, and had a tea party, it was fun at the time. Not it's only embarrassing. I blushed from embarrassment at the thought.

I looked up at to see those brown familiar eyes, tanned skin and dark hair. I stood frozen all that existed was him and myself. Both staring shockingly at each other. I tried to shrug off the thought, but not being able to. I went over to Harry and gave him a huge kiss. Saying hello and then waiting in awkwardness as Harper and Zayn had a full on passionate make out session.


We headed to a table, and sat down. Ordering a huge jug of coke to share, I ordered a separate lemon, lime and bitters. I wasn't much or a coke fan, it had so much added sugar and unneeded preservatives. Harper had zoned out in thought, A blank expression took over her normally smiling pretty face. The boys were deep in conversation. I stared at Zayn, this was so not going to be a night to remember!

"I just got to go to the ladies room" I excused politely. Wondering if anyone was actually pay attention, to listen. Harper's gaze drifted towards me as I hurriedly walked off.

I pulled a disgusted cringe when I realised there was no actual ladies room. Only two unisex ones, they look filthy and I'm sure they would smell like it to. "Great!" I sighed aloud, the frustration and aggravation in my voice, could easily be detected.


I stared towards the small mirror, it was fogged up and grotty fingerprints decorated the whole thing. But surprisingly the air smelt rather nice. I snorted at the thought of someone putting the frangipani automatic air spray in here to improve the lack of nice cleanliness and appearance. This was not my type of restaurant.


After that one drunken night in a Californian bar, I never thought I'd seem him again, Zayn that is. I felt saddened. If I ever pictured meeting him again, this would not be it. Especially not as my best friend's boyfriend.

I sighed aloud, "what am I going to tell Harper?" I asked my blurred reflection into the mirror. "I slept with your previous boyfriend when I was in California just for fun," it would break her heart to hear that, but i would have to eventually! Or it may come back to bit me. The thought then occurred to me, what if Zayn ended up telling her? Did he have the guts, to throw everything away. We both knew Harper was extremely sensitive and dramatic. She wouldn't take it well.


My head pounded wildly, from the uncanny way it turned out and the embarrassment from that night. I was VERY drunk.


All was silent while I got stuck in my own blurred thoughts, there was a loud sharp knock on the door.

"Paige" Zayn stoke his deep voice sounded just as vulnerable as he was.

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