Don't Let Me Go 16+

Harper hasn't had the easiest life, after her dad dies, she has only her mother.

One horrifying dark secret is made when her mother finds a new boyfriend.

Will a certain boy be able to change the way in which she feels, will she open up to him?

Can she depend, love and trust this guy?

WARNING: contains extremely detailed and graphic scenes for older audiences, (sex, rape, cursing and abuse)


19. Chapter 19

Harpers POV;
I watched closely as Paige wriggled in frustration, anger and curiosity. She looked uncomfortable I felt a sudden urge to not tell her the truth, what if she didn't approve or did something stupid? Could she guess what it was or who was it, should I even tell her? Tears came to her eyes, as they glistened in the brightness of the sun streaming through the huge main window.

Her voice was only a quiet and nervous whisper, "W-what happened?" she stuttered she was shaking, just as scared as I was.
"D-dave r-r-raped me, he's done it more than once" I sobbed loudly, tears fell down my cheeks quick like a waterfall.


The expression upon her face was one of pure shock and sadness. She held out her hands, a synthetic look was on her face. I could feel water droplets fall onto my head, Paige's tears covered my brown hair silently. I was so thankful to have her, shes the only one in which I felt I could turn to with my problems. She didn't speak or bombard me with questions, she just held me. After a while she spoke up. "Of course you can stay! But first don't you think we should decorate your side of the room?!" She gave me a small smile and a wink

She always knew how to make me smile. She crossed her enormous room, on the right wall was where all the boxes stood. She stood there thinking.

Paige's POV:
I had a whole big plan of how this could turn out.
"First we need to get rid of these boxes" I said "obviously!" Harper replied back.
We started unpacking the boxes, she couldn't lift the heavy boxes, because of the condition of herself. I ran downstairs and got specific cream for her bruises, skinned wrists and some orange juice. One by one we gradually finished them after one full hour.
I puffed, unpacking was a lot of work. While we were sorting I found a few things I didn't need giving them to Harper; some books I had already read. I didn't see the use of reading something twice, you already have an idea of what's going to happen anyway. I also gave her a lot of old clothes that I didn't like, they were totally out of season. But she seemed to love them, which I was really happy about. Among the were the dress and blazer. She smiled as she tried on a very out-dated but expensive Chanel mini dress. The black made her look pale, but in a nice way. The tight fit made her curves show more than usual, and the front low cut, made her look more busty. The corners of her mouth lifted slightly as she stared at the her own reflection, "I like it thankyou" she'd complimented. She then tried on a black blazer from the same brand Chanel, she loved it. She cried tears of joy and happiness.


After all the obsessive, "try it on, it'll suit you" comments from me, I got up and took her hand, grabbing my wallet on the way out the door.

I grabbed the car keys to my new black Audi A1 hatchback, I'd always wanted this car, I'd begged and begged. My family surprised me with it, it was second hand and was going for a reasonably good price. Harper got in and gasped at the interior. It was leather and felt cold against my skin, the sterio was huge and it was all around fancy.
"Where are we going?" asked Harper, still looking, searching the car with her eyes.

"You'll see" I promised her, plugging in my phone and turning on Katy Perry's Prism album. I gave Harper a wink, a small smile formed on her chapped lips.


We arrived at the closest thrift shop, and got out. Harper gave me a confused expression, then it disappeared, as if now knowing why we were here.


We started to search around the gigantic store. Harper followed me close behind. I gasped. There sat a white single bed, the bed was surrounded a three railed metal frame, underneath was another pull out bed. It was absolutely gorgeous!

"Its amazing!" Harper squealed. Nearby customers look at her questionably. She looked at the price tag, her smile quickly disappeared, so did mine I hated to see her unhappy.
"What's wrong?" I asked curiously.
"Its to much, I cant afford it anymore, I have to save." she answered sadly.


I glanced at the tag, feeling guilty since I could afford it so easily, $400.

"Easy I'll get it. The whole reason I took you is so 'I' could buy you stuff for OUR room Harp!" I confessed.

Relief, shock and guilt filled her face. "I cant let you do that Paige.." she whispered.
"Of course you can! I have the money, and I am your best friend!" I exclaimed. We called over a cute male staff member, "hello there" i gave the man a wink, just remembering I had a boyfriend Harry, his name tag said his name was 'jake.'

"I was wondering if we could have this bed here please?" I said in the nicest voice possible.

I needed this for Harper she loves old fashion cute things and I knew it was 'love at first site' for her. Her eyes had lit up when her eyes had made contact with this truly beautiful piece of furniture. I looked around and spotted another gorgeous piece of furniture. A lovely white timber bedside table, on top was a large spaced draw, and a bookshelf underneath. It look virtually brand new. "Wait a minute" I raised my hand signalling for Jake to come over. 

"Harper do you like this?" I asked.

"I do, its very pretty" she confirmed.
"I'll also take this" not even bothering to check the price.

I glanced at a nearby bookshelf. The large bright yellow highlighted sign said 'All books marked down to $5 each!' it declared. Harper's always been a bookworm, always got her head in a book somewhere. I walked over surprised to see really good condition and the latest books and magazines among the old. I pulled out the book, 'Halo' beside it sat the rest of its thick booked collection. 'Hades' and 'Heaven' I'd heard the were really good. I held them under my left arm, while I searched the magazine. Selecting some of the Dolly and Girlfriend issues. On each of the magazines was a small price stuck to the front, $2 I grabbed five of them and went towards the door. On the way I motioned to Harper to follow and stood infront of Jake.

"Jake, Jake, Jake" I whispered seductively. "How about I pay you an extra $500 for you to have both the bed and table on my door step by early tonight?" His face formed a coy smile, he was rather baby faced, to tell the truth.


"Sure" he answered politely, I'll get to it now. A huge smile spread across my face, becoming identical to Harpers. I took the books up to the counter, paying the $25 dollars for them, and the explaining to the lady my other purchases. She was astounded by my generosity, and then I cashed up the other 1020 dollars.

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