Don't Let Me Go 16+

Harper hasn't had the easiest life, after her dad dies, she has only her mother.

One horrifying dark secret is made when her mother finds a new boyfriend.

Will a certain boy be able to change the way in which she feels, will she open up to him?

Can she depend, love and trust this guy?

WARNING: contains extremely detailed and graphic scenes for older audiences, (sex, rape, cursing and abuse)


16. Chapter 16

Paige's POV;

The next day, I planned to meet up with Harper in the outdoor mall at Starbucks, she said she had important news to tell me! I wondered what it was!

I was late by the time I woke up. I quickly got dressed. Deciding on light blue denim shorts, the white pockets hung out the bottom, a white singlet decorated with a large square picture of a beautiful beach and palm trees at sunset, it was tucked into my shorts neatly.

I did my makeup and slipped on some nice new white flats. My hair was in a messy bun, and I headed off.

I arrived into town ten minutes later, parking my car in the car park nearby to the right highway.

Walking through the mall, I accidentally bumped into someone. Looking up, a curly hair boy was smiling back at me, a beanie through his thick brown hair, and dimples on either side of his wide perfect smile. His green eyes stared into mine, it took me a while before I realised none of us had actually spoken.

"H-hi I'm Paige" I stuttered.

"Hey Paige,what a lovely name! How's it going? I'm Harry!" He introduced. He was so cute.

"On my way to meet a frien—" he quickly interrupted.

"I'd like to take you out sometime!" He blurted loudly, he sounded as though he needed to get it out or else.

My smile widened.

"I'd like for you to take me out sometime to" I replied hopeful.

His smile lifted, "your number?" He handed me his black iphone 3, I lightly type in my number, saving the contact as; 'Paige <3' hehe I giggled slightly. I liked this boy.

I offered my white iPhone 4S in return, not long after that he passed it back.

"Wait! I need a picture silly!" I said, he smiled and I snapped the picture, now I can look at him when ever, until I see him again I laughed silently.

I sighed loudly, knowing it was about time I should get going to meet Harper.

I arrived at Starbucks to see that Harper had already made it, sitting with a takeaway cup in her hand, I guessed that it would be tea, as it was her favourite. She sipped her drink not noticing that I had arrived. She had her back towards me, I snuck up behind her and jabbed her in the ribs. She gasped and cringed, shocked she turned around her eyes were wide. Relief flooded her face as she realised it was only me. But who else would it be?

"You okay?" I asked curiously.

"Yeah fine, you just scared me that's all, why are you so late I thought you'd cancelled on me!" She seemed upset.

"I ran into a boy on the way here, he was adorably cute!" I pulled out my phone,

"See!" My cheeks flushed.

"Ohh, good on ya Paige!" She squeaked. Enjoyment in her voice.

"So what did you want to tell me?" I asked remembering the reason we first came here.

"Oh" she sighed heavily, her speech bored and emotionless. I suddenly felt concerned.

"–just that I'm now the girlfriend of Zayn Malik! She shouted, she was hyped!

"Harper that's amazing. Told you he would want you!" I giggled.

I ordered a hot drink, coffee with skim milk. We headed of to shop at Supre, Prada, Hollister, discounted designer brand stores and billabong.

Harper ended up with, a dark black blouse and a tight and bright blue minidress from Supre, and a discounted pair of, out of season Louis Vuitton platform wedges.

I, myself ended up with a full price, Prada bag the shade of ruby red, matching Kate Moss lipstick, frilly bikinis from Supre, and a new on the shelf billabong wallet and jewellery.

We parted ways, and said our goodbyes, today had been a great day!

Harpers POV;

I pulled up into the familiar driveway of my house, a black unrecognisable Toyota was also parked in the driveway. I got our of my car quickly in curiousity.

The wind was strong and slammed the door loudly, I winced at the loud noise against my sensitive ears.

"Harper honey! Is that you? Could you some to the kitchen please!" She yelled.

I walked towards the kitchen grabbing fruit before I turned around. There stood David and my mother, their hands entwined.

"I'd like you to know that Dave and I are together as a couple" she squealed, she jump up and down a huge smile plastered across her face, reminding me of a child after having their very first kiss.

I gasped "No" I whispered to myself almost inaudibly.

I dropped my mandarin, it hit the floor with a small thud.

I ran to my room, stopping halfway up the stairs.

"What's got into her lately, i thought she would be happy for us" my mother wined.

"Kirsten go sit down and relax I'll go talk to her, I'll be back soon" he urged and insisted.

I sprinted the rest of the way up, Run Harper Hide! I told myself.

I opened the huge heavy doors of my wardrobe slowly and quietly closing myself in.

I could hear the heavy thumps of his huge heavy feet making their way up the stairs towards me. His breath was getting louder with every step.

I held my breath. The vision of Tuesday was in my head, "I'll get you" he'd promised.

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