Don't Let Me Go 16+

Harper hasn't had the easiest life, after her dad dies, she has only her mother.

One horrifying dark secret is made when her mother finds a new boyfriend.

Will a certain boy be able to change the way in which she feels, will she open up to him?

Can she depend, love and trust this guy?

WARNING: contains extremely detailed and graphic scenes for older audiences, (sex, rape, cursing and abuse)


14. Chapter 14

Paige and I giggled loudly, as we talked about everything to each other. To the type of car she wanted her parents to buy, an Audi, was the answer. To boys boys she'd dated while she'd been away, which was a fair bit!

I told her about about Zayn,


"The date was just purely amazing Paige! It was so romantic!" I whispered! Feeling all the emotions of that night.

and sent him a text while she went to the bathroom.

He replied straight away, "hey beautiful, I missed you so much! - Z"

"I missed you also! - H" I stated, feeling confident.

"Could we go out for lunch tomorrow please? - Z"

"Sure! Time and place? - H"

"How about the cafe down the road from that clothes shop supre? I'll pick you up at 11am - Z" he asked! I know the one.

"Sure I can't wait! Sounds like fun!" I texted back.

"Can't wait to see your beautiful face again" he simply replied my heart was beating way to fast, in excitement of course!

I heard the toilet flush and grace stepped out through the door, "I have a date tomorrow! You have to help me prepare, help me pick my outfit!" I blurted.

I had a pleading looking my eyes, and I knew she could see it.

She held a serious look on her face as if considering whether to, and the her face broke into a huge smile. "Absolutely!" She cheered!

We headed off to bed, sharing the double bed.

I woke up, adjusting to the light.

"Wake up sleepyhead, we need to prepare for your date in two hours! Go freshen up and take a shower!" She encouraged.

The hot water covered my body, freshening me and waking me up. I stepped out the steam was thick and cling to the walls and mirrors. I grabbed two towels one for around my body and I wrapped the other around my hair.

Paige opened my wardrobe, and grabbed a light pink top, with many florals. And white skinny jeans.

A different top, I was think something more— sexier, I gave Paige a wink.

"I know what you mean!"

She pulled out a tight black top, strapless and cropped above the belly button, a strip of wide lace along the top.

I cheered, it was perfect! I went to change into the bathroom, peeking my head back out,

"Could you pick the accessories?" I pleaded Paige.

I changed and wriggled into my jeans, they felt extremely tight, like a second pale layer of skin, but they showed off the large curve of my ass. I stood infront of the mirror, Paige stepped in.

"Wait! Beside the accessories you need one more thing!" She left the room and came back with a bra, a push up bra, with a rather lot of padding, it took up half the bra cup!

"Where did you find this?" I curiously wondered

"I actually found it in your draw, hah" I blushed I had no idea I even had this!

She left, and I slipped off my normal cup, placing the new laced white one, I saw my boobs lift infront of my eyes, revealing a rather large cleavidge. Slipping the top back on, I realised it did make me look a lot sexier!

I came out of the room, a black studded clutch was sitting on the double bed along with a chunky dark bracelet.

"I thought you need the bracelet" she said silently. All of a sudden I felt incredibly nervous, hiding my arm behind my back.

"Thanks Paige, don't worry it was only a one time thing.." I whispered, and it was i'd promised myself soon after that I would never do that again.

"You make me worried sometimes" she said, "please don't ever do it again"

she took my hand and slid the bracket on. Looking at me, her eyes where shiny, as if trying to hold back tears. She stepped back, changing subject.

"now the shoes, you want stilettos right?"

Yeah, I would but I don't own any fancy ones I said, here take these, out of her suitcase she pulled a black pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, they were simple, but the cost if them must have been outrageous!

"I can't take these–" but Paige quickly interrupted.

"Yes you can and you will! The look as tinning with you outfit! Try them on!" She insisted.

I tried them on, and was surprised that they fitted perfectly.

"You looking absolutely stunning! He's going to be drooling all over you!" Paige cried, her eyes lit up in enjoyment. She always used to love giving me a makeover. She loves fashion, thrives on it, she's planning to go into a fashion academy.

She looked down at her suitcase, in which was laying on the ground in a messy heap. She pulled out an expensive looking perfume bottle and started squirting it all over me, I got some in my mouth,

"it might smell amazing but that is definitely not how it tastes!"

Paige, let out a slight laugh. "Now he might not just be drooling, he'll want to eat you all up!" She squealed.

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