Don't Let Me Go 16+

Harper hasn't had the easiest life, after her dad dies, she has only her mother.

One horrifying dark secret is made when her mother finds a new boyfriend.

Will a certain boy be able to change the way in which she feels, will she open up to him?

Can she depend, love and trust this guy?

WARNING: contains extremely detailed and graphic scenes for older audiences, (sex, rape, cursing and abuse)


12. Chapter 12

I slept for ages from my late night yesterday, once realising that my clock said it was 10.27am i sat up.

The sun shone through the drawn faded blue curtains, giving myself a warm awakening. I rubbed my eyes, trying to get them to adjust to the sudden brightness beaming into my tired eyes.

I glanced around the room, my phone was on my nightstand I lifted it up, Tuesday.. Tuesday?! My shift starts in only an hour and it normally took around 15 minutes to drive into town.

I started stressing and freaking out. "Shit" I breathed to myself.

I got up, and ran down the stairs into the shower grabbing a towel as I ran down the hall. I washed my body and hair, conditioning it to. I looked in the mirror I could only see a blurred and foggy reflection staring back at me. I wiped the mirror with a nearby hand towel. Combing my long brown hair down my back until not one knot was there to be found. Blow drying it straight and dry. I quickly applied mango body butter to my legs, arms and hands.

Opening my closet I picked out a white button down shirt, and a tight fitting business looking skirt in black, under that I wore slightly see through black stockings And black leather flats.

I pulled my oversized black tote off from the left bed post.

Shoving in my wallet, phone, sunnies and my Starbucks name tag. 'Harper Martin' it read in bold neat letters. And took off out the door.

My shift was finally over. Four hours of ordering and waitering. It was now 3pm I headed towards the staff lockers and pulled out my bag, taking off my badge.

"Bye everyone!" I yelled over my shoulder, smiling and waving. "Bye Harper!" They all yelled.

I texted my best friend Paige. She'd be flying in, at 4.15pm today, with her parents, and younger brother. We used to go to the same private school, a couple blocks away. But then she moved, not long after I changed schools from bullying.

The word slowly and loudly echoed through my head, "Go die, your worth nothing. To anyone, it's a wonder your family still wants you" I winced, the torments were what I thought to be a tough time in my life. Until now.

I'd promised Paige, I would meet her there, while her parents and brother went car hunting. Time to catch up together.I was so excited to see her! It's been so long, like two years now?We've hardly communicated the last few weeks because she'd been so busy packing up her house.

I walked to my car, very keen for the days events, I'd miss her so much! I tell her everything but I didn't feel like I could tell her this, about Dave.

Paige's POV;

I tucked a loose strand of long blonde hair behind my ear. I could help but smile, I looked at my parents they were going car shopping while me and Harper where having a catch up session at her house. She'd feel me in on the information of her life, while I return the favor.

As I stood outside the airports doorway, waiting for Harper I couldn't help but smile, home at last,. I sighed out loudly happiness overflowed me.

I looked through the crowd, as a pretty small figured girl walked through, her serious face turned into an expression of happiness. A wide grin splashed along her small face.

"HARPER!!! I missed you so much!" I yelled as she neared closer.

"OMG Paige, I missed you more!" She sweetly replied.

She squealed, I squealed and embraced me with a tight friendly hug, I've missed those supportive hugs. She wore light denim high wasted shirts, with a cropped black singlet with the large symbol of a ying yang made of tiny white and yellow daisy flowers. She wore our shared friendship bracelet on her small wrist. I held up up my own wrist;

"Me to!!" I cheered, she lifted her hand gesturing a high five and I happily agreed. Ssmack!

Harpers POV;

I walked through the crowd, I missed her terribly, but she's finally moving here! I've nagged her to ever since she moved. We'll go to the same school and life will totally improve!

I glanced at a tall girl standing there with her familiar family and younger good looking brother, Mike.

I smiled so big, I probably looked like a complete idiot.

Paige's hair sat straight along her curvy back, all the way down to her butt. She grown it a lot since I'd seem her.

Her style had changed tremendously, she wore a black strapless croptop, and a loose but short leather skirt sitting high on her waist, just covering her belly button. Her flat stomach was rather tanned and her thighs were thin. Her smile was the prettiest I've ever seen and her teeth shone bright white and she had plump pink lips. Her tiny feet wore a set of light blue Louis Vuitton wedges. Glamorous.

"It's been for ever!" She spoke up, the last time we'd seen each other was after my dad died, she came down for support at his funeral and support me and my mother in general.

"I know, hasn't it?!"I squeaked back.

We walked towards my black Mazda arriving in no time at all. We hoped in, sinking into the soft seats. I started the car and revved the engine loudly.

She giggled silently. "Nice car!" She politely commented.

Thanks, Dad helped me pick it, just before he d—passed away.

The car turned to silence, as we drove the sound of the engine was all that could be heard.

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