Don't Let Me Go 16+

Harper hasn't had the easiest life, after her dad dies, she has only her mother.

One horrifying dark secret is made when her mother finds a new boyfriend.

Will a certain boy be able to change the way in which she feels, will she open up to him?

Can she depend, love and trust this guy?

WARNING: contains extremely detailed and graphic scenes for older audiences, (sex, rape, cursing and abuse)


10. Chapter 10

I couldn't believe my eyes, this was the best date I'd ever been on in my whole life, and it had hardly even just started. My gaze slowly drifted from the left to right, taking in every little detail, in which he had cautiously made. Looking at the whole big picture it was gorgeous and impressive.

The wooden built in gazebo had white fairy lights around the roofs edge, and they were also twirled around the gazebos black railings. Against the dark sky, it gave the impression that the stars were among us, romantic!! I wondered if he did this for every girl?

It was magnificent, large candles were lit in the corners I could smell them burning a sweet vanilla scent. Reminding me of the waves, and the feeling of soft hot sand between my toes. The candles gave it a warning feeling. The smell was mixed in with the strong odour of our tea, placed in Zayn's strong arms. As we both walked up the creaky steps.

My smile got even bigger, if that was even possible? Zayn stared at me, the light reflecting in his warm brown eyes, they looked at me with happiness and curiousity, it filled me with joy inside.

In the very middle was a large picnic blanket, with a basket and navy blanket to the side. He placed the tea down, and stood beside me, as if also admiring his creative work.

This was all to great, for a girl like me? I blushed. The dam was also sparkling, reflecting back the many twinkles of light.

"Mah lady" Zayn spoke up,

I looked over he was slightly bowing, with an outstretched hand, I took it and let out a loud giggle. He lowered me down, onto the rug and got down beside me, leaning to the right I watch as his hand went disappearing into the basket and then pulled out a tall glass of sweet white wine.

I look up, there was a natural skylight through the top of the roof, the stars shone and twinkled brightly, I laid down and watched them for a while, Zayn remained silent.

"This is amazing–" I slowly trailed off lost of works to explain it.

His stomach grumbled loudly, and we both stifled a small laugh,

"So should we eat?" he asked me politely, I shook my head,

"absolutely!" I replied, I sent him a small genuine smile, happy to be here with him more than anything else.

He leaned into the basket once more and pulled out some white, oval plates, and cutlery both made of hard plastic. He hand me one of each.

"Thankyou, sir" I giggled

"Be back in a second" he promised and returned with the large slushy to share. The two thick straws poking out the top, he reached for the wine and poured some in, alcoholic slushy? Creative I thought.

"It'll be nice I promise you" he cooed, his voice sounding calm and even.

"I bet" I whispered. I took a sip and sweet raspberry filled my mouth. He then took one and then another.

I looked down, siting in my lap was my plate, full of chips and gravy with a knife and fork, I cut my food into small pieces and ate in a ladylike manner. Occasionally taking some more to drink. Not being able to take as much alcohol as Zayn, I stopped drinking around 25 minutes later. I'd finished eating my chips, giving the leftovers to Zayn once declaring I was full.

I laid down onto the rug, and gazed up at the stars. Soon Zayn joined me, his hand made his way toward mine and we held each other tight, I never wanted to let go.

I rolled over on my side and stared at him, not long after he did the same, our faces leaned slowly together, and his lips met mine slowly and passionately, he pulled away gently.

"I've wanted to do that for so so long" he finally whispered

"So have I" I whispered back.

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