Ridley has an amazing life, she thought nothing could get better. But she has taken that happiness and freedom of advantage. After her devastating argument with her single mother, and the break up with her boyfriend, Ridley is nothing except forced in her manor but to leave home. The only one to support her is Simon but he also regretting of staying.
Will Ridley get her life back? Find out and read of her Departure.


1. Outlooked hold

"Simon!" Ridley groans in annoyance and frustration. "How can you still be mad at me! I said I was sorry!"

"Yes but I don't believe you," said Simon. Simon did in fact believe her but he made her suffer from guilt before he was satisfied. Ridley and Simon were in Java Jones café waiting for there mochas. The café was fairly small, Ridley and Simon were sitting by the window at a two seater table. It reminded Ridley of India how they would have quilts hung from the walls in different unique colors and patterns even though Java Jones look remotely anything but that. The Café had brown wooden floors with antiques everywhere, it looked more like a library than a café, except with no books just coffee. People would come here to study or to just relax, maybe with a few friends or two. There was a lounging place in the middle of the café with brown rusty colored furniture and different colored blankets and pillows draped neatly over them. To her left she saw the counter in which the employers took orders and made everything. She thought to her self how the employees could keep up with the orders they take. To her right there was the window and outside was the busy streets of New York City. Ridley grew up in NYC. She's lived there all her life. She never left, not even as an inch of a step out of the state. She never wondered why but her mother wouldn't let her leave ,let alone visit family or go on vacation. She and her mother just stayed here, in the great city, although to Ridley it was quite small once yew know the place.

Ridley looked In front of her and saw a pair of navy blue eyes with little specks of bright green and blue in them, staring back at her. She smiled in realization of what Simon was playing. She knew he was playing with her. There was no reason to be mad for such a little thing as beating him in one if his favorite video games. Simon was wearing a navy blue T-shirt that matched his eyes and some black skinny jeans that were ripped at the knees, with a pair of old sneakers. His hair was light brown with small curls, styled into an up-do way. He look decent for a guy that understood nothing if the term of fashion. For Ridley she wore a plain grey T-shirt with dark blue skinny jeans and black vans.

"Your not going to stop are you?" Said Simon trying to keep a straight face.

"No I won't. I won't stop until you stop being overly upset about this." Said Ridley. This time she was serious she didn't have a smile on her face anymore.

"Wow your really hurting over this aren't you?" Simon said sarcastically.

"Yes I am" Ridley stated

"Well stop because I'm just joking. How could I be mad at something so stupid."

"Well thanks" Ridley was astonished. For the first time winning in one of Simons games, she'd Thought she'd get some knowledge, but she decided to let it go. Simon got up to receive the mochas they have been tiredly waiting one for what seems like ages, though it was worth the wait what they served here was amazingly good.

"So what are you going to do" said Simon taking a sip of his coffee

"For what?" Asked Ridley also sipping from her drink.

"For.. You know college or what ever you want to do with your life" responded Simon.

"I don't know senior year is almost here and I don't even know where I'm going to go for college"

"Well what do you want to study in?" Asked Simon

"That I have no clue either..." Said Ridley trailing off.

"You're an amazing artist and singer... Maybe you can try to get a scholarship for one of those?"

"Yea but i don't know if I would actually want to make a living out of them."

Ridley had no idea on what she wanted. She never thought about her future plans. She didn't want to think of it.

"well you still have about a year left" stated Simon

Ridley looked right, out the enormous window "more like being pressured with a timer" she mumbled quiet enough that Simon couldn't hear, well so she hope he couldn't.

After they had finished their coffee; they both headed down the street of NYC to Ridleys apartment. The streets were crowded as always and the sidewalks impacted with tourists and other New Yorkers. Simon ran into some lady carrying a moving box filled with papers into what looked like a compartment building. It was a high grey building but not as high as others, had many windows with one window that looked broken and was at slanted point. The place looked old as well.

Simon knocked over the box and papers went ever wear. The young lady cursed in frustration and started picking the papers back up and angrily tossing them back into the box careless. Ridley and Simon rushed over to help pick the papers up. Ridley picked up one and glanced at it for a speed second and only got the words "college display". And "arts". When Ridley saw the paper her expression changed into guilt. Ridley put the paper back into the box and said sorry before going to sit on the steps to the building as Simon kept helping the lady.

When it was down to last paper Simon and the lady both had hands on it

They picked it up together and there eyes met

The young lady look fairly close to Simons age and had blond hair and emerald green eyes, with little specks of freckles on her face. Her expression instantly turned into and glad looking state when she saw Simons attractive looks.

** hey guys Kat here!

I hope you like what I have so far I'm sorry for not getting in as much. But I will try to get in as much this weekend! Thanks!

- Kat**

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