1d Imagines

Comment your name, fav member and hair colour and theme and I will make a imagine��


3. Natalia and Niall

You and Niall had been friends for your whole life, you were inseparable and told each other everything. You were the one who convinced him to try out for the X factor and every time he finished his tour he would visit.

You loved Niall but you were too scared to tell him how you feel in case he didn't feel the same way.

Niall had invited you to the beach with him and you were super excited to spend time with him cause you hadn't seen him in months. When you got there you saw a picnic blanket and rose petals on the sand. Niall was strumming his guitar and gently singing. When he saw you he instantly put down the guitar and walked over and have you a bear hug.

After you had lunch he took you for a stroll on the sand. On the way back he stopped. He said' Natalia, I know we have been friends forever but I want you to know that I really like you. Will you be my girlfriend?' He asks with a worried look on his face. This was the moment you had been waiting for years for. Within a second you jumped up and down yelling yes. Once you stopped jumping he put his hands on your cheeks and gave you a passionate kiss which sent sparks fly.

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