1d Imagines

Comment your name, fav member and hair colour and theme and I will make a imagine��


4. Emily and Zayn

You were the head cheerleader of your school cheerleading team, making you the most popular girl in school. But unlike stereotypes, you did good uin school, got good grades and had heaps of friends.

You were currently single. Your dark brown hair and dark eyes would capture every boys heart, except one. Zayn Mailk. He was the captain of the football team and he was he only boy who kept his feelings for you a secret.

One day after cheering at his football match, he came over to you and shyly started a polite conversation. Unlike all the other football players you have dated Zayn was the only one who didn't like you for your popularity.

Once you exchanged numbers you strolled over to the parking lot where you got into your car and drove home. The whole time you were thinking of him and he was thinking of you.

When you got to school the next morning he texted you to meet him at his locker. Once you arrived you saw that he was holding a single rose and once he saw you his face lit up. He gave you the rose with a small smile on his face. He then started speaking. ' Emily, ever since I first saw you I knew that I wanted to be with you. You make me smile and light up my life. Would you be my girlfriend?' 'YES' you say hugging him tightly then he embraces you with the best kiss you have ever had. There were fireworks and that's when you knew that you loved this boy.


Sorry I am not the best I don't live in America and this is my first movella so I'm kinda new at this

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