Eight kids. Twenty four trolls. One cherub. Thirty three Sburb players suddenly find themselves trapped inside Hope's Peak Academy with no memory of how they ended up there. And as they soon find out, the only way to leave is to commit a murder and get away with it. Who will fall into the despair of the School Life of Mutual Killing?


6. Chapter Two (II)

Feferi was one of the first to hear it, the scream. Who could it be? She asked herself.

“Fef!?” Someone yelled.

“I'm in here Eridan.” Feferi called back, looking down. Eridan burst through the door.

“Oh, thank gog!” Eridan exclaimed looking down at Feferi.

“Don't worry I'm fine.” She replied, standing up. “Who do you think it is?”

“I'm not sure,we should look.” He said, walking out of the door.

“Why do you even care? About me, I mean.” Feferi asked, walking slightly ahead of him.

“Look, Fef, you're my ex-moirail, of course I care!” Eridan said, staring at the back of her head.

“Kanaya!” Feferi exclaimed, running towards the body.

“Wait, Kan?” Eridan asked, running behind her. Vriska and John were both stood there.

“How did it happen?” Vriska asked.

“I-I don't know.” John said, staring at the body.

“Oh my cod, who's going to tell Rose?” Feferi enquired. She knew that Rose would be extremely upset by this.

All of a sudden, Rose's voice rang out, asking, “What're you all doing outside of my room?”

“Rose, I've gotta tell you somefin.” Eridan said to Rose.

“Fine, I'm all ears.” Feferi stood up, meaning Rose could see Kanaya's body.

“Is that... Oh my god, Kanaya!” Rose said, running over and dropping to her knees.

“Wake up Kanaya, come on, stop messing with me.” She sobbed, frantically shaking Kanaya.

“Rose, it's no use.” John said, tears running down his face.

“Shut up! She's messing with us!” Rose said, more tears pouring from her violet eyes. Rose suddenly slumped over her body, crying into Kanaya's shoulder.

“Please... Wake up Kanaya.” She sobbed into her dead girlfriend's shoulder.

“Rose, stop. You're just hurting yourself and us.” John said, pulling her up. He then pulled her in for a hug.

“Why did this happen?” Rose cried into John's chest.

“I don't know Rose, I really don't know.” John replied, gently rocking her. Rose was heaving with sobs. Feferi found tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Do you need a minute Rose?” Eridan asked, looking at her and John.

N-no. I'm fine. I have to find out who it was. I'll kill that idiot!” She yelled, more tears rolling down her cheeks.

“We'll help you Rose. I know that Kanaya was very special to you.” Vriska said, looking away and blinking rapidly. Of course, she didn't want anyone to see her crying. Vriska's tough, she wanted everyone to think that.

“We should let the others know.” Eridan said, walking off.

“Lets get you away Rose, you need to calm down.” Feferi said, stroking her arm in a soothing manner. John started to walk, when Rose stopped him.

“No. I've got to be here when the others arrive.” She told them.

“Rose you have to go with us, you're just breaking your heart over and over again!” John exclaimed.

“She's right, she should. John, leave it.” Vriska said, shooting a glance at John.

“We might as well stay here, Eridan's back with some of the others.” Feferi said, wiping a few tears from her cheeks. The people Eridan brought back were: Cronus (apparently he was close by), Mituna and Latula, Dirk, Aradia, a tear stained Roxy (her best friend had been murdered yesterday, of course she would be crying!), Nepeta and Equius.

“Kanaya?” Nepeta asked, trying not to cry. “I wondered why she wasn't at breakfast.”

“It was coming, so don't get upset.” Cronus said, rolling his eyes.

“Cronus, that's mean! Some of us actually care about her!” Aradia yelled. Feferi noticed that Dirk had his arm around Roxy. She guessed that they had been together, Dirk clearly comforting her.

“Everyone else knows and are just on their way.” Eridan said.

“Rose, come here.” Roxy said, pulling away from Dirk and running to give her a hug.

“There now, it's okay.” Roxy whispered into Rose's short blond hair.

“All right. You have some time to investigate before the trail. Good luck.” Caliborn's voice said from somewhere in the building.


“Karkat, we should go start investigating.” Terezi called to Karkat.

“Yeah.” He replied, walking to her side. Karkat was shaken up when Eridan came to his room where he and Terezi were discussing who could be dead, and told them that Kanaya's body had been found. They then got ready to go, and left.

Arriving at the body, they gasped.

“No, no, no.” Karkat said, gasping. Terezi- after a few seconds search- started to rub Karkat's arm in a soothing manner.

“Karkat, we need to investigate.” She said, taking her hand away and walking over to Kanaya's body. She noticed that some things, such as her dress, had been moved slightly. Others must have been there, but found nothing. I'll find something. Terezi thought.

“Oh my god! What the hell!? Why is it there!?” A female's voice yelped, from Rose's room. Leaping into action, Karkat ran into the room, seeing Meulin and Kurloz standing there. Meulin was standing a few feet away from the bed. Karkat then noticed that one of Kanaya's dresses was the bed.

“Uh, Terezi. There's something in here you might want to check out.” He called to her, walking closer to the bed.

Walking into the room, Terezi said, “Is that one of Kanaya's dresses on the bed?”

“Y-Yeah.” Meulin shakily said. Red tears had started to come to Karkat's eyes, but he blinked them away.

“Karkat, I also found some things on the body. There were burn marks all over her.” Terezi said, glancing back at the door. Karkat had also noticed some on the carpet, but didn't mention it. Suddenly, all across the school ElectroIDs bleeped. Kurloz pulled his out, and read down the information.


The victim was Kanaya

The time of death was around 08:27

The cause of death was severe burns


Karkat sighed, That really helped. He thought. At least it says how she died. He looked over at Terezi, who was pulling a face.

“What is it?” He asked.

“Well, I actually don't have an idea to who it was. I mean, who would burn her?” She said, shaking her head at no one.

“Someone who has an easy access to fire.” Karkat replied. Terezi took a large sniff, trying to find something else.

“Hang on.” She said, taking another large sniff, and another.

“What is it?” Meulin asked, taking the words right out of Karkat's mouth.

“Can't you smell it?” Terezi asked them.

“Smell what?” Karkat questioned.

“Tobacco.” She said, sighing.

“Jegus, not all of us have super smelling powers.” Karkat said.

“Yeah, but you can see!” She exclaimed. Karkat took a second to look at the carpet, and saw what Terezi was talking about. There was tobacco in carpet. It had been walked in. But it was still visible. Now, who has access to tobacco? Terezi thought.


Elsewhere, Cronus was sitting in his room. He reached down to grab his cigarette packet, when he couldn't find it. Oh, god. This isn't happening. He thought. He couldn't have dropped them.


“Ah!” Mituna's voice rang out.

“You okay babes?” Latula asked, turning around to face him. Only she was facing nothing. She looked down so she was looking at him.

“I tripped over. Again.” He said, frowning. Latula offered him her hand, which he grabbed. She pulled him up.

“It looks like you tripped over this.” She said, bending down and picking up a packet of cigarette's.

“Cronus'.” She said, sighing. The top was open, so she peaked inside.

“Looks like one's missing.” She said, shoving them in her pocket.

“He always has a full pack on him.” Mituna said.

“Yeah.” Latula said, staring to walk to Rose's room, where the body had been found. Arriving at the scene, she saw Terezi.

“Anything good?” She said to the blind troll in front of her.

“Burn marks. And tobacco.” Terezi said, sighing. Latula grabbed Mituna's hand and they walked into the room.

“Hey K-lizzle!” Latula said waving.

“Oh my god, shut up! Some of us are looking for clues!” Karkat yelled.

“Don't speak to her that wa-” Mituna started, then he was cut off.

“Enough evidence has been found. Report to the elevator. For a class trial.” Mituna looked at Latula, and Latula looked back. They walked hand and hand there. When all 30 students were in the elevator, the doors closed and they were sent down. Latula turned and looked at Cronus, who looked like he didn't care. Then, the doors opened.

“Take your places. We will begin shortly.” Caliborn said, signalling for them to take their places. “It is time. For the second class trial. To begin.”

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