Eight kids. Twenty four trolls. One cherub. Thirty three Sburb players suddenly find themselves trapped inside Hope's Peak Academy with no memory of how they ended up there. And as they soon find out, the only way to leave is to commit a murder and get away with it. Who will fall into the despair of the School Life of Mutual Killing?


5. Chapter Two (I)

Vriska awoke, the execution of her ancestor in her mind. She slowly got up, and quickly changed into her clothes. Walking out into the hallway, Vriksa realised that she was the only one roaming the corridors at the time. She heard a noise coming from a room further down the hallway. As she walked closer she realised that it was Rose's room.

“Kanaya, stop it!” She half whispered, half yelled.

“But Rose, it's fun!” Kanaya replied.

“Since when is making me be your very own fashion model fun?” Rose said. Vriska could tell that she was annoyed at Kanaya.

“You told me you were fine with it, but if you don't want to do this, then fine!” Kanaya yelled, before storming out of the room, shocking Vriska.

“Oh, hi Kanaya,” Vriska said, “What was all that stuff you and Rose were saying?”

“None of your business, now let me through.” Kanaya said huffily, pushing past Vriska.

Vriska watched as Kanaya ran off to the dining area.


In the dining area, the atmosphere was happy, even after Aranea's brutal execution.

“Hey Vriska!” Jade said, giving Vriska a smile.

“Uh, hi.” Vriska replied, slightly confused about why Jade was giving her a smile. Those two hardly ever spoke.

“Are you okay?” Jade asked, looking slightly sad

“Yeah, why wouldn't I be?” Vriska asked.

“Because of what happened with Aranea.” She mumbled.

“Look, Jade, I don't give a damn about that girl. She messed up and got herself killed.” Vriska replied, trying to be all tough. In reality, Vriska had been slightly upset about it, but had quickly gotten over it. It was her fault, she messed up, she thought to herself.

O-okay then.” Jade replied, looking at her bowl of cereal sadly. Vriska ignored her and went and sat down next to Karkat.

Hello Karkat.” Vriska said, smiling.

What the hell was that about, yelling at Jade?” He asked.

She was being annoying!” She replied, grabbing a plate and some toast.

She was checking if you were okay! You've gotten close to Aranea recently.” Karkat said, turning and facing her.

Karkat, I don't give a damn about Aranea. I just said that to Jade. She was just a girl that I thought was cool for a bit, but then turned out to be a girl who would try to kill someone, just to kill another person!” Vriska said, sighing.

Jeez, I get it, no need to bite my head off.” Karkat said, biting down on his toast.

Karkitty!” A voice yelled.

Great, now Nepeta's coming.” He said, letting out a sigh.

What's so wrong with her Kaaaaaaaarkitty?” Vriska said, giggling.

Shut up, you spider bitch.” He grumbled.

"Oooh, someone's in a bad mood!” Vriska laughed at him.

Hi Vriska!” Nepeta said, sitting down next to Vriska.

Hey Nep.” Vriska said. “Where's Equius?”

Oh, Equius is sitting with someone else. He said it's fine for me to come join you guys!” She said, grinning widely. Suddenly, there was an announcement.

All of you. Get yourselves to the gym. Now.” The voice said.

Oh, dammit!” Nepeta said quietly, shocking Karkat and Vriska.

S-sorry. Purrlease don't tell Equius I said that!” Nepeta said, her face going bright green.

Anyway, we should head to the gym, and see what this guy wants.” Vriska said, standing up and walking towards the doors. Everyone else shortly followed.


Arriving at the gym, they walked in to find Caliborn standing there.

About time.” He said.

So, why are we even glubbin' here?” Meenah asked him, tilting her head to the side.

Because. There is a motive.” Caliborn said.

Aw, shell. What's this carp then?” Meenah asked, clearly wanting to leave.

If you don't commit a murder. You will be handcuffed to the person you hate the most. In a way. That isn't black romance.” Caliborn said smugly.

I don't wanna be getting' handcuffed to any of you.” A male's voice said from the back of the group.

Why, you hate us all that much, Cronus?” Someone said. She then added, “That's not rad at all.”

No, I just don't want to get handcuffed to any of you, Latula.” Cronus said.

Well, you really should have specified that. Someone could have gotten triggered by it and gotten upset. Your really should trigger stuff Cronus. It's silly not to. See, Latula could have thought that you dislike her, thus making her all upse-” Kankri started saying, only to be cut off.

Oh, for the love of gog, shut up! All of you!” Karkat snapped.

Okay. Who's going to be the next to snap?” Caliborn asked no one. Vriska sighed. I don't need any more of this, she thought to herself.

C'mon guys, lets just go.” Rose said from behind Vriska.

Kaaay!” Someone, who Vriska presumed was Roxy, said, giggling slightly. As they were all walking out, Vriska heard that Latula girl talking.

Don't worry babes, no one will try to kill you. And if they did, I would stop them!” She said.

Thanks Tulip, but what if I go all, you know...? And I annoy them, and they try to kill me.” The male she was talking to asked.

Mituna, be quiet. No one will try to kill you, okay?” Latula said to him.

O-okay. Sorry.” Mituna sadly replied.

Oh, I'm sorry baby. Come here.” Latula said, pulling Mituna in for a hug. Vriska saw Cronus run ahead of everyone.


Back in her room, Vriska laid on her bead, thinking about the fact that she could be killed any minute now. It had been about two hours since Caliborn's announcement. There was a knock at the door, making Vriska jump.

It's John!” The voice said happily.

Oh, come in.” Vriska sleepily replied. She was just nodding off on her bed, when John came. John walked in, and looked at Vriska.

Did I wake you?” He asked.

No, no, I'm fine.” Vriska said.


Anyway, what brings you here?” Vriska asked, standing up.

I wanted to ask you if you know where Kanaya is? Rose wanted me to talk to her for her.” He replied, sitting on the bed,

Make yourself at home, why don't you. And no, I don't know where she is.” Vriska said.

Can you help me look for her?” John asked.

Sighing, Vriska replied, “Fine. Lets go and search.” They both stood up and walked outside.

Maybe she went to Rose's room.” Vriska said, looking towards Rose's room.

Yeah!” John exclaimed, running ahead. Vriska ran behind him. They arrived outside the room then:



Caliborn's voice rang out. “A body has been found!” Vriska and John both gasped in horror at what was in front of them. The dead body of Kanaya Maryam.  

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