Tia used to be fun outgoing and always laughing but now she never talks to anyone and quit all her sports so what happened during her holiday that has silenced her?


1. New chapter

Greyson POV from the flashback 

Hi I'm Tia which is short for Tiannia, I am 9 and I  am originally from Illinois. The reason we moved out here is cause my dad got a promotion in his Job.

teacher- well I am miss applebodom and you will be sitting next to Chrissa

The teacher showed Tia where to sit and then class started.

-End of Flashback-

that was 5 years ago now and she is still as beautiful as ever. You see when Tia started at our school she became best friends with me, Brooklyn and Jayden so we are always at her house or she's at ours but this year she has only shown up for class4 times in the last 3 weeks and she hasn't talked to anyone.


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