Old Habits

After the Moriarty terror, Sherlock has been thinking nonstop about him, until his only escape turns out to be a small white pill.


8. 8

While Sherlock was gone, Cecelia invited over the other Holmes brother. They stood together, Mycroft in a dull grey suit and Cecelia wrapped in Sherlocks coat. They both stood across form each other in the empty dark flat. Mycroft didn't belong here and they both knew it. Sherlock could be back any minute and Mycroft would be revealed as the bad guy.

"What do you want now?" Cecelia asked, her hands fiddling around in the pockets of Sherlocks coat.

"Keep him out of trouble" Mycroft ordered. "Keep him on the pills I don't care, just keep him away from London." Mycroft sighed. "Until I get a way to get me out of this Moriarty case." Mycroft's eyes scanned the flat, searching for any sign of Sherlock, he found only the coat.

Mycroft knew this wasn't the best idea. Hiring a drug dealer to distract his brother, but it would be worth it, in time. He hated seeing his brother high, but seeing him in pain was worse. This would only last a bit longer anyway, he'd find a fake solution to his problem and he would be free from guilt. Sherlock could never know it was him who was beind the countless worries, the countless questions, the whole Moriarty scandal.

"Nobody would suspect that this villain is you Mycroft" Cecelia walked closer to him. "Not even sherlock could solve this case." Her voice slowly became seductive.

"No" Mycroft growled, resisting her temptation. "I need him safe, the fall of him would be the fall of me"

The fall of him would be the fall of me the words flooded Cecelia's brain. "You have my word Mr. Holmes." Cecelia focused back on him and embraced Mycroft in a quick hug. "You may want to go to his flat though" Mycroft looked around. "This place isn't the best"

"I will" Cecelia bowed slightly.

Mycroft thought of his brother, lying on this floor, his head spinning, looking like crap. He shook off the thought. Only a little bit longer, he reminded himself. Only a few more days and he would have this fixed, he'd have his little brother back under the impression of a hated relationship. Mycroft would do whatever he could to protect his little brother. Even if that meant he got his brother hooked back on drugs for a short time.

Mycroft had told himself if Sherlock got addicted he himself would pay for rehabilitation. He would fix the reputation, he would have all the weight put on him. Only a few more days until this would all be over. He handed Cecelia the money he had promised. "And whatever you do" Mycroft's eyes shot hellfire. "Do not let Sherlock catch on"

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