Old Habits

After the Moriarty terror, Sherlock has been thinking nonstop about him, until his only escape turns out to be a small white pill.


6. 6

The phone rang vigorously from Sherlocks coat pocket as Devon fished for it. He held up the slick black phone and watched it ring. "Greg, Gram, Gavin, Geoff" he laughed. "Confusing name."

They let the phone ring as Sherlock stared blankly at the wall, his eyes drooped and his mind somewhere else. "Sherlock" Cecelia gently shook his leg but he didn't budge.

"Let me try." Devon leaned close to his ear. "Three point one four one five nine two-"

"Have you guys learned nothing from Watson's blog?" Harmony interrupted.

"Watson doesn't deal with drugs." Cecelia reminded her, continuing to lightly shake him.

"He dealt with that annoying guy" she pushed Devon aside and began to flick Sherlocks face until he came to.

"What?" He muttered, not taking his eyes off the dull wall in front of him.

"Do you like it Mr. Holmes?" Cecelia asked as she motioned for Harmony and Devon to back away, they did. Sherlock however, only slowly nodded in agreement. "Do you like me Mr. Holmes?" She whispered, her lips only a hair away from his ear.

Sherlock turned to look at her as his mind focused around her looks, something he normally overlooked. Skinny, but beautiful. He thought. And wise, wise enough to find him. He couldn't think any further as his mind pushed him away. "Yes" he sighed. "Yes. Yes. Yes" he pulled her closer and she straddled him.

Seeing her opportunity she bent down and kissed him passionately. To her surprise she received and equally passionate one back as Sherlock wrapped his arms around her waist. They sat for a moment, entangled together until the drugs properly hit Cecelia and she fell unconscious to the ground.

Sherlock stared for a moment at the girl half on his lap half on the carpet. He sat up but fell back after an incredible head rush. "John" he said out of habit. "John!" He yelled.

"Need help Mr. Holmes?" Harmony asked as she moved Cecelia off of him and into the middle of the floor. "Anything else?"

"Phone." He mumbled. Devon, who had planned to steal it, handed it to him hesitantly. Sherlock stared at it and jumped as it rang again. Greg, Gram, Gavin, Geoff. Sherlock answered it without a word.

"Sherlock?" Lestrade spoke. "Sorry to wake you"

"No it's fine." He mumbled with a crooked smile plastered on his face.

"There's a case" Lestrade paused. "A drug case."

"A drug case!" Sherlock shouted happily and looked around the room. He quickly calmed himself. "Yea I could do that"

"Swing by in the morning" Lestrade didn't question Sherlocks response.

"Bye Gram" Sherlock hung up the phone and looked at the two conscious people. "How do I walk?"

They laughed and helped him up. He supported himself against the wall as they gave home the four easy tips to pass off as sober when in reality you are high as a kite. "Eye drops" Harmony handed him a vial. "Seriously you should use them, red eyes are a dead giveaway."

"Talk as little as possible" Devon added. "Your voice can cause suspicion."

"Don't try to act too casual." Harmony spoke again. "You end up looking like a bloody fool."

"And lastly" Devon smiled. "Figure out how to stand and walk through the head rush" both him and Harmony lent him their hands as they led him around the flat. Sherlock let go, proud of himself for working. "Almost forgot, if anybody suspects anything, just say you're not feeling well" he patted Sherlock on the back.

Sherlock walked slowly back to where Cecelia lay unconscious. He curled himself into a ball and wrapped his arm around her, letting his coat cover her shivering body. He let himself drift off to sleep as the drugs still held tight to his mind.

Sherlock awoke with a pounding head ache. Beside him Cecelia was still out cold. He removed his coat and flung it over her, gently he kissed her forehead before standing. As he stood the headache become unbearable, he bent back down and forced a few pills from the bottle laying open on the floor and swallowed them. As he waited for the high to come back, he stepped over the bodies of the other two, and out into the street. He had a case to do. A case involving drugs.

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