Old Habits

After the Moriarty terror, Sherlock has been thinking nonstop about him, until his only escape turns out to be a small white pill.


5. 5

Greg Lestrade had left the hospital shortly after Sherlock. He was headed back to the office to work more on the case. Nothing bad had happened, not really, just the well known face of Moriarty. Still the case had spread fear throughout those in the know. He himself feared about Sherlock, even with the slightest chance of Moriarty living, it would cause Sherlock hell on earth. Magnessen was bad yes, horrible, but Moriarty had came close to killing Sherlock, more than once. And that was not something Greg could handle.

"Excuse me" there was a slight tap on the door frame as Anderson walked into view.

"What is it?" Lestrade asked although he really didn't care, he was focus solely on the Moriarty fiasco.

"There's an alarming rate number of hospital patients tonight." Anderson slowly made his was farther into the room.

"What about it?" Lestrade looked up at Anderson, clearly thinking he had gone insane, why worry about hospital numbers? Tonight was just a bad night.

"They all claim to have taken the same, new drug" Anderson could tell Lestrade was now intrigued. "They call it the Heaven Pill."

"Effects?" Lestrade pulled up for a search on his computer m

"It kills you, slowly shutting down every part of your body." Anderson explained what he knew. "Makes you throw up blood, dehydrates you, shuts down your brain. They all said they started on a pill called Oppa, prescription for high pain, and were offered this Heaven Pill. They claimed to have only taken it once"

"And how does this pill kill them?" He asked once his search provided nothing of any use.

"It eats away at their brain, their heart, the drug dissolves in their system and attacks, the more drug, the weaker the body" Anderson assumed, he hadn't been completely sure.

"Isn't that similar to all drugs?" Lestrade had his fair share of drugs throughout his life, he knew the consequences.

"This ones different, quicker, the users say they've taken it once, and the effects were almost instant. Many were found dead and not even brought to the hospital." Anderson explained. Not revealing that his wife was one of the victims to this horrid drug.

"Can we help them?" Lestrades soft side was slipping into view as he saw the pain in Anderson's eyes.

"No, one dose and the drug begins,and you will die." Anderson's eyes hit the floor.

"What about side effect?" Lestrade asked. "How do they act on it? How do they feel?"

"All depends on the person, they all said different things." Anderson sighed. "It's getting late, my wife will be worried." He wanted to be by her side if she slipped away. Him and Lestrade exchanged nods. "Good luck." He smiled then left in tears.

Lestrade sat and thought about this new drug. He searched the hospital inputs around England but found no other abnormal spark in patients. Meaning the drug was simply being distributed here. You find the druggies, you find the drug, you find the dealer, you find the creator, you find your culprit. Although it was late, nearly three in the morning, he grabbed his mobile and called for Sherlock Holmes to help solve this case in addition to the one on Moriarty.

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