Old Habits

After the Moriarty terror, Sherlock has been thinking nonstop about him, until his only escape turns out to be a small white pill.


4. 4

Sherlock stood in front of the door to a rundown flat. It reminded him a bit of his own. His finger hovered ever so slightly over the doorbell. He fought with himself wether or not to ring it. His addiction got the best off him as he pressed down long and hard.

He waited a moment, still debating on leaving, but the door opened slowly. "I wasn't expecting you Sherlock" Cecelia opened the door.

"I wasn't expecting to come." He pushed past her onto the smoke filled flat. "Who else is here?"

"A few friends." She smiled. "Why'd you come?"

"It was for a case" he spoke "last time I got high was for a case!" His voice was a low growl.

"Magnissen?" She laughed. "That wasn't for a case, that was for fun" she stood on her tip toes to whisper in his ear. "We both know that." Her hand stroked his jaw line.

"There's nothing you can do" Sherlocks mouth twitched ever so slightly. "I've tried, trust me hon I've tried. So many drugs, so many distractions, they don't work. Sorry." He turned to leave but Cecelia's arm grabbed his wrist.

"Trust me you haven't had this, just try it" she smiled, taking his hand and leading him up the stairs. "I told you I'd find him" she pulled Sherlock into a grey room, void of furniture with only two other people sitting on the stained dull carpet.

One of them was a girl from earlier that day. Her face was soft and she smiled. "Good to see you again" she winked and focused on her phone.

The other was a boy, Sherlock assumed, his hair was long but his body was built like a child, no sign of being a girl. "Three point one four one five nine two-" he too spoke with an American accent.

"Pi?" Sherlock asked.

"He does that" the girl smirked.

"Harmony and Devon by the way" Cecelia clarified and pushed Sherlock into the kitchen and searched the cupboards for a bottle of pills. "Want to be better Sherlock?" She asked knowing it would trigger a response in his mind.

Sherlock paused for a moment and looked at her, her face was caring, respectful, he closed his eyes and thought about all the reasons he was here. He opened them and slowly nodded.

"Don't worry I'll do it too." She reassured, grabbing the bottle "Let's go sit."

Sherlock sat beside her against the cold, bumpy wall. Every breath he took was conflicting. He could get up and leave, walk out without any struggle. With the two on the floor drugged up and Cecelia focused to getting him drugged up, it would be easy. But this, this would also be easy. To let his complicated world just fade away. It would be so easy.

"Pill" she said, calling him back to earth. Sherlock stuck out his tongue as she set it gently on it. "Simply to calm you down a bit"

"What is it?" He asked after a forceful dry swallow.

"Just a pill" she smiled at him. "Give you a high worse than heroin if you take enough." She handed out another pill to him.

"You first." He nodded, noticing she herself hadn't taken any.

"If you insist." She dumped a handful into her hand and took them all at once. "Start you off lower" she held out one more pill. "Just one"

He took it from her and swallowed it, waiting for something to happen.The girl from the floor spoke. "Glad you like it"

"I never said I-" Sherlock was cut off by his own mind, slowly fading and spinning out of control. He attempted to enter his mind palace but it didn't work, he was slipping from reality as a flood of pleasure washed over his body. He focused his eyes the best he could and stared at Harmony, trying to deduce anything from her, but he found nothing. He smiled, at last, free from his own mind. He felt lost and helpless, helpless the word had no meaning now. He turned to Cecelia who had slouched against the wall. "I love it" he sighed.

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