Old Habits

After the Moriarty terror, Sherlock has been thinking nonstop about him, until his only escape turns out to be a small white pill.


10. 10

John and Anderson raced around London, asking everybody what they knew about drugs. They bickered as they went, focusing more on each other than on the case.

Anderson's idea was to stumble around like junkies, Johns was to act like authority. Neither resulted in good findings. No matter how they approached the questions the majority of the people thought they were crazy.

The case went on for hours with no luck, they had found only a few distributors of marijuana nothing worse.

"How's the baby?" Anderson asked, for in conversation.

"He's fine" John mumbled, stressed from the case.

"And Mary?" They walked down the streets of London,making a break from the case.

"Also fine" John was becoming annoyed by Anderson talking, he now understood Sherlocks problem with him. They continued on with the case, questioning people who looked high or suspicious.

They ran into Cecelia as Anderson stopped her. "Excuse me" he asked.

"Can I help you?" She forced a polite voice.

"You seem awfully happy" John pointed out.

"Is that against the law?" Her voice didn't shake nor did her eyes give her away.

"Mind if we check you for any drugs?" Anderson asked politely.

"Go ahead" she held out her arms as the boys patted her down. Pulling out only a scratched white phone and a pack of cigarettes with a lighter.

"Sorry, have a good day" John sighed disappointed he hadn't found anything.

One girl however they found was high off her ass, they had found tiny unlabeled white pills in her pocket, after carrying her to Bart's, and giving the pills to Molly they questioned her. She explained how she had been buying the heaven pill from multiple younger girls around London.

The girl stared up at Anderson. "Last I saw one, she was leaving Baker Street" she cried as blood choked out of her mouth. Anderson knelt beside her, he had watched his wife go through the same thing shortly before her death. He held his hand out to comfort the girl as she took it, expelling the blood from her lungs into a silver trash can.

"Baker Street?" John shouted, finally processing what she had said. "Did you say Baker Street?" Fear consumed him as the girl slowly nodded. "Sherlock!" He pushed past Anderson and ran down the hall. "Molly hurry!" He screamed as he passed her. "Sherlocks in trouble"

Anderson stood dumbfound in the hospital room. This drug had killed hundreds of people including his wife and was still killing. And the culprit was last seen leaving the street of Sherlock Holmes. Meaning one of two things, Sherlock was the culprit, or Sherlock was dying. Anderson chose to believe the later. "Get an ambulance to 221B now!" He shouted. He had lost his hero once, he wouldn't bare to lose him again.

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