Dear Diary...

This is Tayla Jennings. Spilling her heart out in a diary that she never thought she'd keep. But ever since her parents death, things have changed in ways she could never imagine...


5. Work Hard Play Harder

Dear diary...

I made friends. I don't know how but I did. I also don't know why they would want to be friends with me, I'm nothing special, just a broken girl in a country that she can never call home. Like Max said, I'm a reject, unloved and unwanted by all, or so I thought. 
Em treated me like I was her best friend that had just gone away for a few months on some extravagant holiday, filling me in on the ins and outs of school life like she had known me for years. Tom, who doesn't really speak much but when he does its often blunt which is why I think I like him so much. even though he's painfully blunt he's also painfully honest. Ryan, although I haven't really spoken to him much i know we'll be great friends. he's the funny one in the group, making people laugh even if its at his expense. Then there's Spencer, going out of his way to be friends with me. When there's awkward silence Spencer fills it almost instantly with a big smile and a stupid question. I like this group of misfits that I somehow found my way into. For the first time in a long while I feel like I finally have a place again, like someone other than Sav cares about me and I have to say, I like that feeling...

"Aunt Lidia would I maybe possibly beabletohavefriendsovertoworkonaschoolproject?" I spit out at the speed of light, anticipating the answer. "No" was all she said before she turned her back on me and opened the fridge. "What if they stay in my room for the whole time, from when they come till the time they go" she let out a long exasperated sigh and nodded her head. "Thanks" I say and run upstairs before she can change her mind. I pick up my phone, remembering when spencer and the gang stopped me and we exchanged numbers. 'all good for 10 tomorrow morning, don't be early' I send the text to everyone. I throw my phone on my bed, grab my song book and sit on the sill of my window. "how am I suppose to write a song with the tuba as the only instrument?" I mumble to myself tapping my pencil against the cover of the book. "da...dada..da..dadadida" tapping my pencil against the frame of the window to make the beat. I start to sing. "when you can't sleep, I'll hold you" deciding that's not too bad I quickly scribble it down on my note pad. "when you feelin' insecure, I'll tell ya your beautifuul" hmm "when your eyes are leakin' oceans, I'll swim to you" "meh, that's about as good as its going to get." putting my book into the draw of my desk that looks I quickly lock it and hide the key.


DING DONG "Shit" I jump up out bed and grab my phone checking the time. "shitshitshit" it says 10:28, people are going to be here! Why did school have to start on a Friday and why did they also have to give us homework?! I stayed up all night trying to do some research for our history assignment. DING DONG I rush downstairs and fling the door open. "hey" I pant putting my hands on my knees because I'm slightly out of breath. "did you seriously jest wake up" Spencer laughs and walks inside followed by Tom and Ryan. "sure come on in" I make a huge sweeping gesture. "get upstairs, second door on your left, people aren't allowed down here" they all followed without questioning me and went to my room. I close and lock the door like I always do when I'm 'home' alone. I quickly run upstairs and check to make sure Wes isn't here. All clear. Walking over to my room I laugh as I see the guys just looking around. "okay so where do you wanna start?" I ask as I move to my desk to get my laptop. I place it on the ground and sit in front of it. "gather round children" I give them the creepy shark face. Savs cousin Sarah thought me that one, it's kind of in between a 'come here child' and an 'I'm so gunna eat you' face. so basically imagine a creepy pedo shark... "great face" laughed Ryan while the others just looked at me funny and warily sat down. "so Vikings" Spencer sighed and pushed his hand through his hair. 
"Okay well I did some research and found us a pretty nasty fella, if everybody's cool with that of course?" pulling up the pictures and info about this nasty looking fellow, I let them read. "Damn this dudes bad ass!!"

After four hours of arguing, laughing, lame jokes and eating basically all the food at our disposal we were finished. we had a seven page report on the most bad ass Viking we could find. 
"Woohoo!" spencer screams at the top of his lungs. "we get a lot more work done with you here Tay" Tom says with a smile. "we usually just play cod or something" Ryan laughs and slaps Tom on the back.

"TO WES' ROOM" I scream as I point to the other side of the hall through my now open door. "CHARGE!!" rushing over and slamming the door open I go to his TV where his ps3 was. Grabbing cod black opps and shoving it in. Wes only had to remotes so we'd have to play in teams "YO GUYS PICK A PARNER AND GET YO DAMN LAZY TOCHUSES IN HERE" 

As soon as they see what game we are playing Tom screams "DIBS RYAN!" Tom and Ryan do an epic high five and laugh at Spenser. "such man you got the chick!" the two plonk down on Wes' bed. I toss a remote at them and hand one to spencer.

Ryan clears his throat "Hey why don't we make this a bit more interesting"


A/N sorry guys the size of my writing is doing some funky stuff. also sorry about that really really fast sentence.

btws there is a huge difference between das and dis my music teacher gave us a 3 hour lecture on a mini bus. Most painful bus trip.  



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