Dear Diary...

This is Tayla Jennings. Spilling her heart out in a diary that she never thought she'd keep. But ever since her parents death, things have changed in ways she could never imagine...



"DAMN YOU RYAN! WHY COUND'NT YOU LET ME WIN!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, making Ryan chuckle.


Im laughing on the inside trust me, its hard to look angry when i just got the thing i wanted. I purposely failed at COD, i want to show that creepy boy that no one, and i mean NO ONE messes with Tayla Jennings. 


"So who do i have to go with first?" i try to look uneasy about the whole situation but its hard to hold in my laughter. 


"DIBS" Tom yells and scares the crap out of me. I jump, landing on Ryan's lap since he was sitting right next to me. 


"Bit keen don't cha think?" Ryan whispers in my ear, i struggle in his lap but he grabs my waist, holding me still. "Cant wait until I can have you sleeping in my bed for a week" he bites my earlobe gently. I inwardly cringe, tilting my head to the side so i can give him better access to my neck then i lean closer and whisper so quietly that if i hadn't heard him moan i would have though he didn't hear me. "Think of all the things we can do in that bed other than sleep..." I disgust myself. But i have to do what i have to do to make sure he knows i'm not a pushover, to embarrass him so much for thinking im a whore. 


"Go pack a bag, your staying at mine for the next week" Tom smirks, which is weird for him. Maybe ill be lucky enough to see what he's really like when he gets comfortable around people.


I go to my room and close the door only to have it opened again. Im too lazy to look around to see who it is, i just assumed it was Tom. "Yeah I'm a coming, keep ya shirt on" i laugh and continue looking through my wardrobe, occasionally throwing some clothes on my bed ready to get shoved in my bag. 


"I dont have to, you know, keep my shirt on" hearing Ryan's voice makes me back a little only to once again crash into him. 


"Oh babe i doubt you'd have anything worth seeing under that shirt anyway. keep it on" He spins me around by my shoulders so that im facing him, he grabs my hands, putting his calloused palm on the back of my hand, lacing our fingers. He slowly starts moving our hands towards his stomach, correction his rock hard stomach. I rip my hands out from under his and quickly pull his shirt up, revealing rock hard, perfectly toned abs. 


"holy shit. damn boy those abs are F. I. N. E." I basically swoon. Its not until he chuckles that i finally realise just how gosh dang sexy he really is. Why have i never noticed this!? 


"my turn" he says and before i know i'm slammed into the back wall of my wardrobe, shirt gone and standing above me was a sexy Ryan looking down at me. 


His lips are soft and its like they were made especially for mine. He thrusts his tongue inside my mouth kissing my with so much want and lust. He moves from my mouth onto my neck, making me moan. I feel his hands cup my breasts and he moves in closer so there is no space between our bodies.

Finishing with my neck he moves back to my lips. I run my hands through his thick jet black hair. He moans and thats when i feel his little friend rise poking me in the stomach. Ryans hands grab my thighs and he wraps them around his waist, gripping my butt to support me while we continue with our full on make out session.

Theres a knock at my door and we both freeze, pulling apart instantly and throwing our shirts on. I fix my hair and just as Tom walks into view i throw a top at Ryan. 


"told you it was there!!" i stick my tongue out at him and he smirks at me, grabs the top, throws it on my bed and saunters out of my room...



sorry about that! i know its not the best but its a chapter all the same right? 

like, comment, fan! Thanks kids! :) 

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