Dear Diary...

This is Tayla Jennings. Spilling her heart out in a diary that she never thought she'd keep. But ever since her parents death, things have changed in ways she could never imagine...


1. just one last time

Okay guys! so hey I'm Tayla, I'm 17 years old and I live in Melbourne Australia. And this is the story of my life...

Dear diary...

Today it has been exactly one year since I came to live with aunt Linda, her son Wesley and her disgusting boyfriend Dane. Not Dan but Dane, I used to pity him for having a stupid name but that was before I realised he deserved it, a stupid name for a stupid person. But back to the point. It's been one year since my parents died and I had to move from California to stupid Australia! it took me forever to understand their annoying accent! and I can't even visit my parent grave!

I'm moving schools as well because the last one couldn't cope with my American charm... Okay maybe charm isn't the best word to describe my behaviour, maybe total biatch would be better? Yep that works 0:)


I stop writing when my computer starts ringing. I click answer and Sav~my one and only friend in the world~screams at me looking extremely proud of herself "guess where I am biatch!?" I laugh at the way she greets me. It look like she's standing outside. "somewhere outside?" Sav bends down and I suddenly see the gravestone of my parents final resting place. Sav stretches one hand out and places a bunch of white lilies on the ground next to it. "surprise" she says softly.

I cry. I cry because I'm sad that I'm not there with my parents, because I have the best friend in the whole world, I'm sad because i miss my old life so much. "thank you Sav" I sniffle and wipe my eyes with the sleeve of my shirt."talk to them, I'll be over there" she says and I'm assuming she's pointing in a direction I can't see, I hear her slowly get up and prop her phone on something so I can see the grave, and she walks away with one shoe on. I realise that she must have used her shoe so I can see. I laugh a little."she's the best. you always liked her mum, you always said that a strong girl needed a strong friend, Sav's about as strong as someone gets, but right now I feel like I'm falling apart. I'm still the hell raiser that I was before but I'm more emotional now and I don't know how to deal with those emotions. You were my rock. You told me I was strong even when I couldn't lift a tissue, you said I looked beautiful every time I worried about how I looked. You made me strong mum and I don't know how to live without your strength. Dad you always found time to play with me over the years even with your busy schedule, and when I got boobs you threw a sports bra at my face and didn't think twice about the fact that your little slugger was growing up, you just kept treating me like nothing had changed. haha and when I got my first boyfriend oh that was great! you told him that if he broke my heart you'd break him. you were always there for me, through thick and thin. when I get married I'm going to walk down the isle by myself because no one could ever replace you and that was your job, but you'll be with me even if I can't see you I know you'll be right there walking next to me.

I've started singing again, because I know you guys wouldn't want me to give up my dream just because the world decided to play with my heart. I love you guys so much and I miss you more than anyone could ever imagine... I wish I could tell you just one last time how much I love you. "Tay that was beautiful" Sav said and I could hear a small sniffle. "I gotta go kay sweetie" she switched the camera around so that I could see her face. she had tears in her eyes and it was obvious that she was struggling to keep them in. "okay see ya Sav, I miss you so much" she smiled at that and said a very small bye and ended our Skype call. 

Closing my laptop I sigh and look around my room. with its light yellow walls huge window with pastel blue curtains and a dark grey shag carpet it was quite cheery. I had my double bed positioned so that every morning I sit up and can see the view out of my second story window. the door was to the right of my bed ad there was another on the left leading to my bathroom. the whole wall along the right side of my bed was a massive wardrobe that had very few clothes in it. it was an amazing room but it had nothing to say it was mine. no pictures hanging on the wall, no papers scattered everywhere, nothing. 

"Tayla go help Wes with his homework!!" screams Dane. Yep I'm an honers student, big surprise there huh? I'm actually quite smart but I don't like to go around acting like I know it all. I like to keep my reputation as being a nobody that raises hell. No one would suspect a nobody like me so I keep my work anonymous. I trudge down the hall to Wesley's room. "what do ya want Wes?" I sigh as I walk into his disgusting room. Dirty washing everywhere, soda cans scrunched up and tossed anywhere, pictures of basically naked chicks hanging on the wall and on the sealing and rotten food?! eww!! "I need you to do my homework" he said with a well-dah look. "look mate I ain't doing shit" he looked at me, smiled, pulled his fist back and punched me in the stomach. I winced and yelled at myself in my head for being so stupid and aggravating him.

Wesley has anger problems and to make that worse he hates my guts so he usually saves up all his anger until I mess up and then takes it out on me... yay! note that there's enough sarcasm it that one yay to sink the HMAS Sydney. "Do my homework, you wouldn't want a bruise on that pretty face of yours right before you start at a new school would you?" he asked smugly with a smirk plastered on his face. I walked over to his desk and snatched the papers off it. walking into my room and placing the homework on my desk, I opened my window sat on the sill with a note book and pencil in hand and started singing... 


A/N Hey guys! I just wanted to point out that this is a fictional book. it's like a diary type of thing so yeah all of that stuff came straight out of my imagination and I apologise if any if this affects anyone emotionally... Anyway my names Kate and I have absolutely nothing against Australia, I actually live there. haha :) 




Love ya!

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