Dear Diary...

This is Tayla Jennings. Spilling her heart out in a diary that she never thought she'd keep. But ever since her parents death, things have changed in ways she could never imagine...


6. If You Could See Me Now...

Dares. Sometimes they are fun, but most of the time they are the most embarrassing things. This is also the same with bets... stupid Ryan


"what do you mean Interesting..?" I ask suspiciously while eyeing off the others to see if they had any idea about what Ryan was talking about. Apparently not.


"Hmm well, you, being your cocky self think you are going to win. So i have a we could play...If we win" he gestures to the other two boys "you have to do whatever we want for a week each. That means, doing whatever weird shit we want for 7 whole days straight. No exceptions. But boys, be civil" 


"i have four words to say to that. WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. SHIT?!" i yell at him, appalled to think that i would actually agree to that.


"Well you'd get something too" he reasoned, nodding his head at the other guys that were just sitting there with their mouths slightly open and the widest eyes i've ever seen.


"and what exactly would i get...?" I cant believe i'm actually thinking about agreeing to this.


"Whatever you want." Ryan says with a smirk that says he's willing to do just about anything.


I have a plan to make them dread the day they tried to play with Tayla Jennings. 


"I get one guy each week and then they HAVE to do whatever i tell them too" i give a flirty look towards Ryan.


He winks at me, clearly understanding my 'flirtatious look' "deal" he says proudly without consulting the shocked others, we shake hands making it official.



sorry its so short and seriously late!! my phone broke and my dad only just bought me a new on yesterday!! so sorry lovelies!! :( 

Like, comment, follow? Ta :) 

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