Dear Diary...

This is Tayla Jennings. Spilling her heart out in a diary that she never thought she'd keep. But ever since her parents death, things have changed in ways she could never imagine...


4. Get Along

The bell finally sounds its stupid irritating ring and I shoot out of my seat and basically sprint out the door. The stupid bottle blonds comment about my parents upset me hugely. And then her note. Grr is all I have to say... 

My bag is heavy on my shoulders and I realise that I haven't emptied it out yet. I pull out the sheet of paper with all my info from my pocket and start looking for my locker in this crowded hallway. "323, 325, 326 oh awesome! top locker!" I put the code into the locker and with a slight tug at the handle, it opens. I lean my bag on the bottom shelf and open it up pulling out all the book that I won't need for the day.

"hey! looks like we're locker neighbours!" I turn to my left and see Spencer standing there smiling at me pushing his thick glasses back up the bridge of his nose. "yeah I guess we are." I smile and close my locker. "so uhh what class ya got?" spencer asks as he also closes his locker. "history" I look at my timetable to make sure. "Oh cool! same!" he's so easily excited... "you can sit me and the guys if you'd like" he asks with the biggest smile I have ever seen. "oh thanks" I try returning his smile but Max's comment keeps replaying in my mind, forcing any happy feelings I had to get thrown out the proverbial window.

Suddenly Spencer makes a sharp right turn and I run strait into his side. Oh good work Tay... "oh my gosh I'm so sorry!" I stand there wide eyed staring at him. " it's kay Tay don't worry bout it" he ruffles my hair a little before walking into the room sitting in the back row. he motions to the seat next to him and some other guy. As soon as I sit Spencer starts to introduce the 'gang'  "Tayla, this is Tom. Tom it's her first day so be nice" he said pointing to the guy next to me. he had brown hair that came down just under his ears. he had sparkling blue eyes and a cocky smile. not bad...
"And this is Ryan." Ryan had pitch black hair and black rimmed glasses in front of scary green eyes. his smile was genuine, none if those stupid smirks or cocky grins, he looked genuinely happy. "hey" I said waving to both the guys.

"Everybody shut up and pay attention, today we'll be learning about Vikings." The teacher says putting a dvd into a huge TV that I failed to notice. for the rest of the class I zoned out.

"TAYLA" "shit what!? I swear i didn't do it! don't hit me!!" I scream freaked out that Wes will hit me again. "Tay it's alright, you just fell asleep in class nobody's going to hurt you!" came a voice I didn't recognise. I look up to see the nerdy faces of Spencer, Ryan and Tom looking extremely worried. "oh shit I fell asleep! what did I miss?!" Ryan chuckles "we just got a project" once he saw the worried look on my face he continued "its in groups. Your with us" I sigh and rest my head against the desk and let out a mumbled thank you. "Come on Tay we got music, don't wanna be late for that now do we?" says Tom. I get up and shove my books back in my bag. "we'll see you guys at lunch" Spencer and Ryan say together as they walk out of class. "the music rooms at the other end of the school, we'd better get going before we're late." and with that Tom walks off. The walk to the music room was done in an uncomfortable silence...

The music room was amazing. Instruments hanging on the walls, stacks of music stands, a mini library of music and there were no tables or chairs! The walls were painted with multicoloured staves in front of a white wall. There were posters of musicals and concerts hanging around the white board. It. Was. Heaven! 

The instruments on the walls ranged from brass, woodwind, string and percussion. I could actually live here! "okay everyone sit down!" we all complied without a thought, sitting down in front of the teacher, he probably in his mid 20s with shaggy brown hair and really bad fashion sense  you could tell he was a muso as soon as you looked at him. "we will be doing a project!" Que. the class wide groans. "singers, in a group over there. Musicians over there" he pointed to two opposite corners of the room. Tom and i got up and to my surprise he too walked to the singers corner. "i didn't know you sang" i elbowed him lightly in the side "we only just met, of course you didn't know that" he states matter of fact like. "okay now line up!" everyone formed a line stretching from one corner to the other. "musicians, pick a singer!" the teacher yells and they literally run at us, well not me exactly, who would want a singer that they have never heard?

At the back of the moHb of people trying to get the good singers was a guy with short brown hair and bright blue eyes. He was just looking at the floor, standing there. What the hell, what have it got to lose? I walk over to the mysterious guy "uhh hey, do you have a umm partner yet?" I looked at my feet anxiously waiting to be rejected. "you wanna be partners with me?" he gave me a look like i was making the worst decision of my life. "well yeah..." i give him a well-dah look and he smiles. "awesome!" he suddenly hugs me tightly and lifts me off the ground. i pat his back awkwardly and he sets me back on my feet. For the rest of class it was just talking about what we had to do for our project, which was to write a song. I finally realised why nobody every picked Matt (lonely guy). he played the tuba, the TUBA. Great instrument  don't get me wrong but its kinda hard to write a good song where the only instrument you can use is the tuba...


the canteen is so crowded that a claustrophobic person would probably fain as soon as they walked in.

I carry my apple to the table the guys are sitting at. "hey" i say as i take a seat next to Tom. "hey" they all say in union. "what cha got last" Spencer asks. its like he doesn't really know how to speak properly, obviously he does though because he's a nerd. nerds are cool. no joke. "art" i say with a huge smile because i love art!

Taking a big bite out of my apple i look around the canteen. The usual pecking order is no different at this school that it was with the other. Jocks hang with jocks, nerds with nerds, weirds with weirds and then those random groups of mixed people, from nerds to weirds. the ones that don't care about social status. Just as i finish my apple the bell goes and we all trudge through the oversized doors to go to our next class. "you guys, tomorrow we should plan our project" Ryan suggests  "not at mine" all the boys say together with multiple different excuses. 'my mum doesn't like people' 'my dog has fleas' 'my sisters having a sleepover' they all look to me expectedly "okay you guys can come to mine. 47 Fletchers Street. be there about 10am" i say and walk towards where my map says the art room is. When i get there everyone is already seated. i look around and my eyes land on an empty seat next to a girl with a pin strait blond bob. "can i?" i ask pointing to the seat. "sure, I'm Em" she holds out her hand and i give it two shakes. Art class was basically Em filling me in on whats what at this school, who's dating who, who should be dating and what teachers are totes adors. Mix that with a splash of paint and colour and you have Ms Alice's art class. 


okay there you have it! i tried making it longer. sorry if its really crappy my brain is basically gelly right now! its 6:30pm and its 48 degrees c here! 
Sorry if there's any mistakes!
See ya in a while crocodile! :)

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