Could it be . (Book two of welcome to my life )

Book two of welcome to my life

Anna . After her car accident she meets a total bad girl which inspires her to turn bad but because of this will she lose everything ? What about her and her best friend, Maggie? And what exactly happened to Mathew?


7. party number 2

"ANNA?" I scream, racing in there. Luckily, she had a towel covering most of her, but she was collapsed in the bathroom floor, pain making her face twist and tears streaming down her face.

"My knee gave out. Damn crutches. " she muttered.

I sighed. At least she was okay. "Anna can you get up?" I asked, kneeling beside her.

"I'm not sure. Help me up and close your eyes, I can't hold the towel. " she said , gritting her teeth. I nodded and slung her arm around my shoulders, eyes closed. I walked her over to what I thought was the sink and she sat down. I waited a minute or so, filled with Anna's grunting trying to get her clothes on.

" okay you can open your eyes now. " she said. I opened them to see a fully dressed Anna clutching her knee. I remembered where her crutches were and ran through the house to get them. Even though she hated them, I needed to get her to bed. I grabbed them and went back to the bathroom. I noticed her purple hair had turned out wonderfully.

"Wow your hair is perfection." I say. " I did an awesome job. " she rolled her eyes and began to wobble her way back to her bedroom.

"Maggie I hate pretty much everything right now. This year has sucked balls. " she said, finally laying down in her bed as I sat in a chair on the other side of the room. " First I have to deal with Paige and then Mathew kissed me then I slept with Ryder and then the party. I thought that the knives she had were fucking fingernails. And Mathew saved me. And then my dad dies and I was fucking pregnant and the car wreck. You've got to understand why I want to just forget. I guess that's why I'm becoming such a slut. And god , now I have no clue what happened to Mathew. As for Ryder... I don't even know. Maggie you're like my best friend and you've never left me. You know what it's like. I've dragged you through so much shit... I don't even know how you stand me. Just thanks. " she said.

"I- " I began to say, but she had dozed off, purple hair spraying around her like a fan.

(Woods, Mathews pov)

Winter in the woods after you ran away isn't exactly a vacation. It's cold, wet, and there are only shitty trees everywhere, so you can't climb up them. I was about 30 miles from my house, from what I've trecked the last week or so. I had learned to beg and steal food. I knew I had to keep moving. I had never stayed with Sam, and I hated lying to my mom. Not nearly as much as I hated myself for hitting Anna. I cringed at the thought. Just her skin, slapping his hand, it had broken him. He couldn't live with himself. I dozed off after around 3am, hoping to never to wake up again.

(Anna's house, Anna's pov)

I woke up with a pounding headache and parched throat. I groaned and sat up in bed and observed the scene. Suddenly, the memory of last night flowed over me like a wave when I noticed my hair was purple. Maggie had passed out on the floor, curled up around a blanket. She had taken a shower after I passed out, so her blue,green, and red curly hair spilled from her scalp like water from a broken vase. I got up and went downstairs, thankfully it was a Saturday. That meant that the twins were gone, mom and my stepdad were probably passed out drunk, and I had a few hours alone.

I walk down the stairs and plop down on the couch . I lay there for a few seconds in the peace and quiet . I run my fingers through my hair than pull a piece so I can see it . Why the hell would I let Maggie do that?! I puff I lay there for a few more minutes but get bored due to my terrible attention span . I walk over to the door slip on my nearest pair of shoes (which were my Keds thank god I think more blisters have formed on my feet these two days than ever ) . I step out side not bothering with a jacket . Man I wish scarlet was here I could use a ciggerate . I sit on the porch swing tucking my legs under me . I sit there swinging for around thirty minuets than a car pulls into the drive and Jacob hops out . I totally forget he went to his friends house. oops . He walks to me .

"Hey , is anyone awake ? " he ask adjusting his bag on his back.

"No ... " I say looking at the car backing out

"Dang it I'm starving ! " he says stomping his foot

"I'll go make you something .. " I say standing which causes me to cringe .

"Thanks you're the bomb ! " he says walking into the house . What's up with the use of weird words like seriously it's not the 90's and also somehow he did not realize my hair or just didn't say a thing about it . I walk into the house and begin to make food . I make eggs while the bacon , sausage , and toast were cooking . Maggie of course was the next person to join us .

"I smell food bitch where is it !!! " she says falling on the last step of the stairs .

"It's almost done calm your shit ! " I say putting the newly made eggs on the plate and handing it to her .

"There's toast over there and Nutella in the cabinet and the meat will be done soon if I can ever get it to cook !" She laughs .

"You know dumb ass it would help if you turned on the stove ." She leans across Turing the eye on .

"Cut me some slack I thought it was on ! " we have on of those flat top stoves where you can never tell if it's on or off which screws me up so much .

"Ha whatever " she turns and goes to sit on the couch sitting on my brother .

"Maggie get off of me ! " he says screaming .

"Ha no little boo " she lets her whole body crush him .

"Maggie I'm gonna take your food away " I say pointing a fork at her .

She quickly jumps off of him and sits on the other end of the couch .

"My food " she says rubbing her plate ' wow she's a loser 'I think to my self .

- Mathews p.o.v -

I wake up because of the sun shinning in my eyes . I sit up looking around . My dreams were rough last night they were about Anna and her perfect face her perfect eyes getting ruined her just turning into something terrible like Paige .

I wonder if she's trying to find me or am I ever crossing her mind . I take an apple from my bag and take a bite I slowly stop chewing when I remembered the time . I took Anna's .. she loved me I could tell but it's all faded by now . She's probably with Ryder she probably doesn't have a worry in the world . I miss her , I miss her touch the way she pressed against me when she was sleeping the way we fit perfectly together I press my lips together trying to forget . God I ruin everything .

-Anna's pov -

I eventually get the food made and me and Maggie spend the rest of the day hanging around . My parents were pissed when they saw my hair but they are still recovering from a hangover so it wasn't that bad . The day goes by pretty fast then its time to get ready . Maggie and me look through our new clothes and I find exactly what I want .

My new Lacey lingerie (hey it's a party anything could happen) I also pick out my extremely short black dress with my new high heels . Maggie picks out about the same our focus point is suppose to be our hair . So whatever I get the text from scarlet that says she on her way . Maggie and I slip past my parents without them seeing our clothes (if you can call them that ) we stand on the porch while Maggie stands there shivering I'm warm as ever .

We soon see Scarlet's black mustang pull in the driveway and we walk to it . Slipping in let the fun begin .

- at the party - (SEXUAL CONTENT AHEAD 16+)

The party is at some old building but it looks amazing. We walk in and I think it's even worse than the strip club .

"I'm pretty sure that's considered sex " I whisper to Maggie gesturing in the way of some barley dressed people on a couch .

She laughs . "Let's get a drink "

Before we can move scarlet turn to us with two shots "here " she pushes them into our hands . I quickly drink it . Wow was it strong .

"Want to have a contest ? " Maggie ask with a devious look on her face

"What kind ? " I ask turning completely towards her

"Who can take more shots " she pushes another shot into my hand . I take it . She takes one . I take one . She takes one . I take on .

~~ 3 hours later ~~~

"Body shots !! " I hear someone scream .

"I'm in !!" I scream back.

Someone grabs my hand and leads me to table in the front .

"Lay down " the gently push me onto the table and pull my dress up to my chest area exposing my compete bottom half .

"Who has any takers !? " the boy who lead me up here screams .

A tall blonde hair boy with blue eyes and the same build as Mathew walks to the front he looked like a complete stoner but oh well . One of the guys pours something on my stomach it was freezing . I attempted not to move but I was very excited about this for some reason . The blonde hair leans down to wear that stuff was poured . Was he drinking that . How weird but it felt new, which is what I wanted . People cheer than the blonde hair boy sits me back up I fix my dress .

"Why don't we go somewhere private " he hisses in my ear

"Sure why not ." I giggle and he grabs my hand and leads me to the back where there's a lot of doors. He picks one and opens it, which leads to a mostly empty room for the exception of some couches .

He sits down on one of the couches .

"Show me. " he says.

I knew exactly what he meant .

I remove my heels sexually . I than slid my dress off . I sit on him exactly like that .

"Your turn " I whisper

He moves his hands amongst me . Kissing my neck and everywhere else . Then to me everything else is a blur .

I wake up looking around . Where the hell am I . I was on a black leather couch wrapped in a blanket . With barley any clothes on . My head throbbed I went to stand up but I was wobbly I put my nearby dress on . Than I walked out of the empty room I was in and walk around this building filled with just sleeping people . Than I see her Maggie's hair sticks out so much I quickly run over to her trying to be quiet .

"Maggie wake up " I hiss in her ear .

She shoots up "I don't wanna get pregnant ! " she says looking around the room .

"What ? Never mind that where's scarlet ? "

She moaned again. "She was ..." She began , and began to flap her arm to the right, " body shots I thin- " and she fell asleep again.

I rolled my eyes. She was very hungover. "Maggie!" I hiss again.


"Get the fuck up! We need to get home. "

She finally dragged herself off the couch and realized she was naked too, so I had to look away as she changed back into what was left of her clothes.

"Scarlet?" I said when I finally found her.

"Wha..?" She said.

"Get up. We need to go home. "

"Mmkkaayy .. " she said and slowly got up. She had most of her clothes on, so we went downstairs.

We eventually made it to her car and we drove to the gas station for Monster energy drinks and Advil. Scarlet dropped us off around our bus stop.

" So how's that for a party? " she asked with a smile on her face.

"I think it was awesome. I don't remember any of it though. " said Maggie. She had taken her pack of cigarettes out and began to smoke.

"Well if you thought that party was good, then next Friday night there's an even bigger party that at least three hundred people are going to. I'll pick you up then? And here. " she said to Maggie , handing her another pack of cigarettes since she had already gone through the first. She also handed me one. "Y'all are gonna have to learn to get your own cigarettes eventually. See ya. " she said as she drove off.

"What the hell are body shots?" I asked Maggie.

"You don't remember? " she laughed. " I remember enough to know that you got vodka poured in your stomach and then you got fucked all night long. "

I blush a little and turn to her. "What happened to you ?"


I was obviously not as drunk as Anna, she was spinning around and trying to dance until someone called "BODY SHOTS!" I rolled my eyes and walked to the bar where I ordered 5 more shots. I didn't feel quite drunk yet. I ordered 6,7,8... I think that was enough. My head was spinning and I felt light. I lit about 6 cigarettes and smokes them all until I felt high too.

I ordered one more shot, just to be sure, and downed it in one gulp. Someone, I'm not sure who, dragged me over to a table and poured vodka into my belly button. Weird. But I realized that it was someone I didn't expect to see there at all.


I smiled up at him as he leaned down to my stomach and drained the vodka. He did it again and again until his eyes had glazed over and he began to slide my bra off. I didn't even care that I was in front of all these people, I wanted him. When it came off, everyone cheered and began to rub over my entire body. Ryder's eyes were filled with drunken pleasure as he began to bite the fringe of my lingerie. I smiled and nodded at him, and eventually I was completely. Boys were feeling me all over, and Ryder got on top of me and I undid his pants for him. Apparently naked people were a pleasure at this party.

Boys were still groping at me, squeezing me every chance they got and Ryder was on top of me, fucking me hard. He kissed my neck, and everywhere else down to my thighs. I pulled his hair and pushed him harder into me. He felt like an extension of me. No one told us to get a room, but someone took me off the wall and some girl took my clothes and threw them in the room with us.

"Oh baby..." I said, my words slurred. I shivered, I was completely naked.

Ryder stepped back. "Show me. " he said. I stood up, letting him see me entirely naked. He practically ran towards me, and pushed me on the couch.

We did unspeakable things in that room. But neither of us would forget it.

|||end flashback. Back to Anna's pov in their driveway||| (sexual scenes ended)

"I don't remember much. " she said. I shrugged.

"Let's get home. "

And so we both went home.

(Authors note:

You like it? Was it too much or..?)

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